NichtI stumbled upon Nicht when going to Urga in Shinjuku for a dose of Goth at the end of last year. That night had a number of Japanese Goth bands playing including Phantasmagoria (Osaka), Psydoll and a couple of others. I missed Phantasmagoria, but was able to catch Psydoll who are cyber-Goth veterens. However, Nicht was a surprise, a very nice surprise.

The sound has a real meaty moodiness to it, something you can sink your teeth in with some rough rock-metal stuff and steam hammer samples ripped in there for good measure. The vocals are brooding and the lyrics are nicely deranged, reminding me of psycho-serial killer movies like Seven.

Nicht’s live show went off well with harsh lighting and the singer dressed in long leathers and a black cowboy hat, and the lead ax just ripping balls and flash onstage. My overall impression of the sounds and visuals was something like 80s Underworld when they had their first album (Underneath the Radar?).

Yep, I’m liking this outfit. I am still not sure how to rate these bands, but just to give an indication of how hot I think they are I have asked myself a few random questions.

:: Would I go to their shows? Hell yes.
:: Would I go to a show just for them? Probably. (June update: I already have)
:: Would I book tickets with the band? Yes.
:: Would I visit their site? Hell yes.
:: Listen to their sample music? Hell yes.
:: Buy their music? Yes. (June update: I already have)
:: Overall rating: Good

Hell, I went to Design Festa just to see them play in broad daylight – to be sure. And yes, I am sure – they rock!

Needless to say, Nicht will be featured a lot more on the calendar further into 2006 and it is a band worth following through the traps. I think they would go well with Goth, various flavors of rock, metal and electronic. They have grit, balls and lots of appeal.

Nicht will be a new face at Tokyo Dark Castle on July 1, but I know you will be enjoy!

Get more on Nicht:
Nicht homepage (includes samples)
Igor’s pictures of Nicht (registration required)

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