[Goth - DJ] After a month break to thrash the music system at The Gate, Khimaira’s back to administer his regular dose of Club Inferno. Club Inferno takes place in Shibuya’s Shifty this month. Inferno’s Khimaira was the force behind Danse Macabre, so this permutation of the event is a resurrection of sorts of the Vertige evenings that took place from on Sundays. I only got to Vertige once, but it was quite a delicious way to spend a Sunday evening. The sound-scape is Gothic, death rock, positive punk, dark wave, dark electro, technoiz and more. Entry is 2,000 yen and includes two drinks and Khimaira’s mix cd, I believe!

Club INFERNO @ Bar Shifty Shibuya
When: Sunday, 9th July 2006
Open: 18:00
Where: Bar Shifty (near Shibuya)
Address: B1F, Pearl Bldg. 3-15-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo :: Map
Tel: 03-3407-0725
Price 2,000 yen (2D + Khimaira’s Mixed CD) – I think that means 2D is included in the price, but I’m not sure.
DJs: Khimaira, Satsuki

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