w00t! Tactical industrial reaches North America (Canada’s part of North America, right?) 2Bullet’‘s first CD, Democratic Violence, on sale via Wreckords.com.

Just C$18 gets you access to one of the hot new bands on the Japan Goth scene. This is the real deal, core dark underground stuff that I’ve been screaming about (NOT KEI!). 2Bullet is one of the projects for Agent Murder guitarist, DeeLee – so you know there’s pedigree. Good value with eight songs plus two remixes.

The band has laid out a great core sound and has been doing a lot of cooperative work overseas of late, and it looks like they’re getting traction.

Take a gander at the band before you buy:
2Bullet on Myspace

Now buy! Or at least tell/yell at/SCREAM AT a friend hiding in that far away land:
2Bullet @ Wreckords.com!

Skunkwerx announce coming soon… The shockwave is coming!

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