[Electro-rock/hard alternative] Destruct System are back and on the prowl again after a strong Tokyo Dark Castle showing last month. One of the harder-edged industrial bands on the underground scene, Destruct System has experience, power and the stage-craft to excite the audience.

Electrock Circus itself, while being more general hard/electro/rock event, is a great venue to get access to ballsy sounds from the local scene. It is also noted for the successful crowd surf by Kwik Kick Mummy Lee and a bit of a mosh for Despair at the end of 2005. Six bands for 1,600 yen and a chance to experience Destruct System live – not bad at all.

As to the other, bands from what I recall… Japanese babies – kinda fast metal thing going on; Kwik Kick Mummy Lee – hard-core techno remixing; Far Eastern Eclipse – pretty sexy elektronicka. Plus two more!

As Destruct System is the only Goth band for the night, I can safely recommend it as the band of choice for booking (I like most of the other bands as well, but as we are here for this crazy little thing called Goth…). How do I book an event?

Electrock Circus vol.15
When: Saturday, 25 February
Open: 18:00 :: Start: 18:30
Where: Urga (7 minutes from JR Shinjuku East exit)
Address: B1, 2-42-16, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo :: Map
Phone: 03-5287-3390
Live: Destruct System, Japanese Babies, Kwick Kick Mummy Lee, Far East Eclipse, Ruin Close Reptile, and Nebula.
DJ: Takmi (pulltheplug)

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