Tokyo Dark Castle[Uber-Goth] Japan’s biggest live Goth event launches its 2006 series of events at the new locale, Shinjuku’s Marz club. Every Tokyo Dark Castle is specially crafted to ensure maximum consistancy and enjoyment throughout the night. It is a badge of honor for the bands who play, and the acts that do make it to TDC are definitely worth following wherever they play. It is a major locus for those seeking to get into Goth and underground in Japan as players come from a cross-section of music scenes. Off-stage, the crowds are the best-dressed in Tokyo, but it is not dress coded so don’t worry if you are underdressed – just make an effort with what you have and enjoy. !! Don’t forget your ID !!

The February edition features Goth/underground rock legends, Auto-Mod (headed by TDC organizer Genet), aggressive dark rock from Destruct System, the hellatious sonically intense noise-music from 666dB, sexed-up electronicka from Euthanasie and the sirens of the night, Selia and Violet as the Seirenes. Five live acts plus one extra performance should mean 30 minute+ sets from the bands plus ample DJ time.

[b]Booking note:[/b] To book for live nights, just contact one of the bands (email should be fine). Provide basic information (name, no. tix and maybe a phone number). After confirming this, you can turn up to the event, give your name and which band you booked with at the front desk. This provides you with the discount price (sometimes bands offer a gift for booking with them as well). It also helps the band when figures are tallied at the end of the night.

Tokyo Dark Castle Vol. 16
When: Saturday, 4 February
Open: 24:00
Where:Marz Shinjuku (near Shinjuku)
Address: B1F Dai-ichi Tokiwa Bldg., Kabukicho 2-45-1, Shinjuku :: Map
Phone: 03-3202-8248
Price3,000 yen adv. / 3,500 yen @ door (plus 500 1D)
Live: Auto-Mod, Destruct System, 666dB, Euthanasie, Seirenes (Violet & Selia).
Performance: Karissu-Mummy
DJs: Chihiro & Violet.
VJ: Kihito
Note: Must be 18+ (ID checks) – 20+ to drink.

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