Hear the howls of the wolves my brethren,
Calling out on all hallows night.
Come let’s sup with them my brethren,
So we might join them for a bite.

The Goths will be out in force over the next couple of weeks with clashes between Walpurgis and Overfused on the 22nd and Tokyo Dark Castle and Midnight Mess on the 29th. I hope I can get back in time for TDC on the 29th (yes, they’re coming to take me away…), but we shall see.

Now, as most dwellers of Tokyo will be aware, there are umpteen Halloween pissups – uh, I mean parties – at many clubs around the place. Sure, they might have people who dress up a bit and it might even be fun… but you are still stuck with the same regular DJ’d beats as every other week. Face it, if you go to normal clubs, then you’re just a slave to mainstream society. Wouldn’t you rather be somewhere that treats its slaves right? Then check these events out.

Halloween Week 1

October 21st :: Friday
TOKYO 17:30 Euthanasie @ Ikebukuro Chop, Shinjuku (good pub gig with some dark elektro)
TOKYO 18:00 TOGE TOGE TOKAGEE @ Head Power, Shinjuku (Goth ambiance)

October 22nd :: Saturday
TOKYO 19:00 Auto-Mod, Vexation and Selia @ Maria Coure (very cool Goth @ doll museum)
TOKYO 24:00 OVERFUSED @ Marz, Shinjuku (from Midnight Mess!)
TOKYO 24:00 CLUB WALPURGIS @ Aoi Heya (80s Goth club returns)

Halloween Week 2

October 29th :: Saturday
OSAKA 22:00 :: BLACK VEIL Halloween Night @ Club NEO (Osaka’s Uber-Goth event)
TOKYO 24:00 :: TOKYO DARK CASTLE #14 :: Shibuya Deseo (Tokyo’s Uber-Goth event with parade @ 22:00!)
TOKYO 24:00 :: MIDNIGHT MESS Halloween Special @ Marz, Shinjuku (major Goth DJ’d event)

October 30th :: Sunday
TOKYO 17:30 :: Zombie Lolita @ Ikebukuro Chop (good pub gig with undead youth)
TOKYO 18:50 :: TOKYO VAMPIRE @ Museum Tokyo (fancy some Goth theater?)
TOKYO 19:00 :: Rocky Horror Picture Show Night @ Kawasaki Cine Citta (RHPS lovers)

New stuff hiding on the site
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