Repeat, repeat, repeat. They’ll give up eventually and the whole world will eventually agree that 2+2=5. But this is worth it kids, ‘coz the Tokyo Dark Castle and Midnight Mess are on tonight in Tokyo with Dark Veil in Osaka. Regardless of where you are going, I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Things to remember….

Tokyo Dark Castle has a Halloween Goth Parade in Shibuy starting at 10:00 pm next to the Hachiko dog statue. In case of rain the parade will be cancelled (if known ahead of time an announcement will be made on the TDC site (click Other, then Board). If the parade is cancelled people can pick up their tix and a small present at the front of Shibuya Deseo at 10:30 pm. Main event begins at 12:00 midnight at Deseo. There’s also a costume contest. More details.

Midnight Mess. The Mess is now at its new home in Marz, so remember to go to the right place. Starts at midnight and there is a costume contest. More details.

Black Veil. Okay Osakans, you know the drill. Now get out there. More details.

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