Sorry for the scream out… I like to scream now and again. Book on Friday!! And save enough for a drink and a half.

This weekend is Junk Children’s Slave’s Riot Night and there’s already a few folks from JP Goth going around. If you’re up to it and like the idea of rattling your brain case to some serious industrial then head on down to Marz on Saturday night. Also, if you’re interested in having an extra drink and a half, then pre-book (see below).

Who’s up?
Despair: Truly toxic industrialists who blew people’s minds at Wave Gothik Treffen
BAAL: The yin to Despair’s yang (or is it the other way around?) with violent femme vocals.
Scorpion Death Rock: madass dark metal outfit with a nice pumping stage presence.
Demonoid 13: Special guests from Nagoya letting loose some Toyota rage.
DJs: 666 Fox, Undermine, Doom Spider(from STIGMATIC)
Other stuff: Three deadly drinks exclusive to the night plus some limited give aways like 30 Doom Spider Mix CDs.

Saturday, September 24 from midnight.

Shinjuku Marz (near Shinjuku)
B1F Dai-ichi Tokiwa Bldg., Kabukicho 2-45-1, Shinjuku

How much?
2,700 yen adv. / 3,500 @ door (includes original badge)

Pre-booking info.
You can send off an email to one of the bands with your name, and number of tickets. Make sure you whip the request off on Friday. Don’t worry if it’s just you, you’ll find at least half a dozenlike-minded foreign folk there including the Web slave. Can only find the Despair and BAAL contacts, but both should be cool with English requests.

Despair booking

BAAL booking
* Bonus – score a limited edition remix CD if you book with BAAL.

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