This is starting to feel like work so September is Igor’s holiday month!

A real holiday. As in not filching around in the background type of a holiday. As in doing zippity doo-dah the whole time from September 1 until September 30th. If you got something worth screaming about drop it on the Board or, if it’s important enough, the News Submissions. Frank is pretty cluey about this stuff. He might come across as a sociopath, but he’s really charming once you get to beat him – or the other way around.

Igor’s personal favorites for this month are:
TOKYO DARK CASTLE on the 3rd (99% chance of going)
2 Bullet, Aural Vampire et. al. on the 19th (might be in Aichi then)
DESPAIR! BAAL, DEMONOID 13, & DOOMSPIDER @ JUNK CHILDREN on the 24th (totally mad and 99.9% sure I’ll be going)!!!

Lot’s of other cool stuff that’ll be in the monthly event list. Frank and Jude might pump the list with Kansai events in the days to come…

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