What is this? Gothic Lolita month or something? I know a couple of people doing research or articles covering Gothic Lolita style (you should see my inbox sometime), and the style is getting a bit of attention overseas, so I thought I better mention it tonight. Two local English magazines recently carried articles about Goth-loli style, which may be a useful reference people looking into these things.

First up is an article appearing in J@pan Inc., called Harajuku Girls Co-Opted. The article looks more at Harajuku’s emergence in the Western conscience than Gothic Lolita, but does have a healthy discussion on the topic about mid-way through. I guess the story picked up on the American singer who had some success dragging an entourage of ersatz Harajuku girls around with her. Interesting read.

The other is a little glamor piece in Metropolis, a Tokyo free-mag. What are you staring at? takes a look at foreign Gothic Lolitas in Tokyo. Just three quick questions to each of the girls covering general information about themselves, their style (interesting to see how much they spent on their outfits) and about Tokyo. It’s a nice piece, the outfits are great and you get to see how much people spend on this stuff.

Of course, the question remains… when are they going to get into the real events and sounds of Japan’s Goth scene (and I do not mean visual kei). Maybe next year…

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