14:55 JST – At 16:35 JST, A moderate earthquake hit the Kanto region. The ground was moving for about 20-30 seconds. It was a low 5 on the shindo scale at the center (reasonably big, but likely to cause havoce – that starts at 5+). It was a highish 4 on the shindo scale where I was at. The quake was enough to wake ferrets, but not enough to move furniture around – some things rocked a bit though. No damage reported yet, but there will probably be a few isolated things. I’ll keep updating the article tonight as information comes in.

17:00 JST Update — Just came in from a cigarette on the balcony. The cracks in the building across from us have remained the same size as before. Nup. Nothing to report.

17:05 JST Update — Just saw the news. Magnitude was 5.7 on the Richter scale. The trains stopped after the temblor. There were a group of 50-something ladies who hurt themselves somewhere. No idea what happened. The pictures of an intersection during the quake shook around (that’s just the camera), but people were walking around as normal.

20:00 JST Update — A number of train lines are still closed (probably just checking the lines, nothing to worry about). A few people were slightly hurt due to a falling sign board. A steel tower in Edogawa fell on a residential block, but nobody was injured. Quite a number of reports of people stuck in elevators. Nothing major or shocking to report. There will probably be a few incidents that crop up by tomorrow morning, but generally not much to worry about.

23:00 JST Update — No fatalities. 28 injuries (minor I think). Saw a car fell from an elevator car park and smashed up pretty nicely – no one hurt.

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