Man! I turned on the TV one night around 12:30 to be smacked in the face with another dose of these adolescent boppy singers and it sent me into convulsions (Morning Musume site so you can convulse at your leisure). I guess that it’s okay to produce this kind of trop, but Morning Musume makes Kylie Minogue’s debut with I Should Be So Lucky and Locomotion look like death metal.

However, in the news last week I saw one member got banned. Wow, I thought, this must be salicious! Scoping the news, I found out that the reason for the banning/expulsion of lead Musume, Mari Yaguchi, was that she was caught on camera with her boyfriend. Ew! What was she doing?

I was gravely disappointed upon reading deeper into the topic. According to Mainichi’s Wai Wai:

Yaguchi was captured on camera simply getting into a car and walking alongside her boyfriend, an actor called Shun Oguri. A mutual friend introduced the pair and they began dating in about the summer of last year.

That’s it?!? She’s 22 years old!?! Pah! Morning Musume – devilspawn.

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