How’s this for choice!?! Four events this weekend covering Tokyo and Osaka. Igor wanted to go to IndustrialnatioN on Saturday, but with his glands still recovering from their blowout last weekend, Igor’s going to stay at home and work on the site. He might even put another ferret movie up – maybe one that you can see without turning up the brightness of your monitor to max. Okay, ‘nuf talk. Let’s go.

Saturday in Osaka
Well there’s two events going on there, but you got one early and one late, so you can go to both and sleep Sunday away.

Satanyanko @ Bears
First up it’s Satanyanko and Strawberry Song Orchestra playing @ Osaka-Namba Bears from 7 (opens 6:30). You get four bands for just 1,500 yen advance or 2,000 at the door. Satanyanko and Strawberry Song Orchestra just released a split CD which gives you a fine taste of both bands. Satanyanko’s got a lot of fresh energy to their track that reminded Igor of the early albums from punk bands of yore, and the Strawberry Song Orch. have a smooth, heavy yet orchestral feel…. and the bands are going to be in Tokyo on the 9th (yes, Igor’s going)! Worth a snark. Check out event details.

Territory’s Midnight Necropolis
The second event is Territory’s Midnight Necropolis, a Gothic dance party at Club Neo. The night starts at 10 p.m. and goes to the next morning (2,500/3,500 yen including one drink). Check Territory’s site.

Saturday in Tokyo

Midnight Mess’ IndustrialnatioN @ MARZ
The Mess has a very special offer on Saturday with IndustrialnatioN Night! There’s a giveaway to the first 30 people and the mag’s editor, Vig Vigler, will be doing an introduction. Starts late, late, late at 1 a.m. (open 12:30) and going through the night. The event costs 2,500/3,000 yen and includes one drink (I think). Check out event details.

Alamode @ Club Hoop
An event principally catering to the ladies of goth-loli. The event looks like fun for a dressed-up girls’ night out – sorry guys there seems to be strict rules regarding the male presence. Starts midnight and goes through to Sunday morning (2,000/2,500 yen). Check the Alamode page.

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