One of the first stop-off points for those seeking non-mainstream event action in Tokyo is CD Gold. It’s an import CD emporium specializing in the kinds of music you won’t find in most shops (not classical right) – punk, Goth, new wave, indy rock, metal, industrial, hard core. It’s also got a flyer area where you can pick up a stack of information on Goth, industrial, and other events in Tokyo and across Japan. Sound good? Well read on….

CD Gold entrance
CD Gold shop front @ Shinjuku

With occipital glands standing out like bolts at the back of his head, Igor set off to CD Gold to see how much stuff he could scope for a question on the board. Oh, man, it still feels like the devil himself is trying to drag himself out the back of my skull, horns first I might add, but I had to go – don’t say Igor doesn’t sacrifice himself for the good of Goth.

Anyway, the place is located about seven minutes walk from Shinjuku station. You can find the map on their Web site, which has information and online shopping in Japanese, English and Chinese (good stuff guys). The shop is set back a little bit from the street so you might think you’ve missed it until you are almost upon the shop itself.

As an aside, I actually found CD Gold by complete accident when I first visited Tokyo some nine years ago. There I was, wondering aimlessly through the back streets of Shinjuku as my dark other was doing something official when I spotted this shop. I got really excited when I saw the shop and perused it’s innards – it was just like home. Little did I know that it would later pop up in my life on my quest for Goth…

Anyway, the shop is stacked with CDs, DVDs, videos and vynil from all manner of artists and genres. I actually picked up an Adam and the Ants CD last night as I was feeling nostalgic for the music that popped my eardrums when I was about ten years old – too cool! So you can find stuff like this, metal, speed metal, thrash, industrial, etc., etc. They even have a bargain bin (well small cardboard boxes) where you can pick up some interesting stuff for a few hundred yen each.

As for the flyers, you’ll need to go through the entrance (duh), go down the first aisle, and turn left to come back up a parallel aisle that leads to a dead end at the front window. Peering straight ahead you’ll see a series of flyers in plastic pockets just waiting for the taking. Igor scored eight last night, including two for Osaka and Nagoya, two for CD releases and four others (with Satanyanko’s upcoming gig where Igor plans to go visiting). Easy pickings!

Overall, the selection is incredibly expansive, leaving other great stops (like Nagano’s Broadway shops) in CD Gold’s wake. Prices are pretty good giving you access to new CDs for little more than what you’d pay for second-hand items elsewhere. Definitely a must-go place in Tokyo.


Welcome to CD Gold
CD Gold

Name: CD Shop Gold
Address: Nishimura Bldg. 1F, 7-10-10 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Tel: 03-5389-7160
Fax: 03-5389-7161
Open: 12:00 – 20:00 (7 days a week)

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