Master Goth, Genet, will be playing on Saturday at Chop in Ikebukuro. Looks like some kind of battle of the bands type deal, but the description sounds like the battle may be a little more literal than most. Not sure, but Igor’s thinking he’ll trot off to that and see if he can squeeze in, providing he fulfills his ferret duties.

Bands are Auto-Mod, Tokyo Yankees, Mother Made Cherry Pie, Guilltin Terror and Super Sisters.

Event: Jail League Vol. 1
Place: Chop in Ikebukuro
Open: 17:30
Start: 18:00
Fee: 1900 yen (2400@door). I think that includes one drink.
* Looks like you can pay 1000 yen more to enjoy nomihodai from 19:00 – 21:00 (okay, that got my attention).

If Igor is allowed to go and can get in (limit 150 people methinks), then he’ll be sporting his regular uniform of plain black, blue specs, beanie of some description. Igor’s gone and died his hair matt black and lopped it off nice and short. He’ll look like a kind of pot-bellied, bald Neo. Feel free to scream out “Hey Igor!”

And Kobe Goths, don’t forget Sunday’s FACE/CRACKDOWN @ Otoya.


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