Happy birthday ya nuclear-infected freak!

Icon of a generation, Godzilla first took to the streets of Tokyo way back in 1954. The actors wrapped in rubber, roaring and stomping on a model set the standards of…. well actors wrapped in rubber.

I saw a couple of the old movies when I was a kid, wondering just what the heck was going on. I think one of them was the clash with Mothula and to this day I was not sure who the hero was. So the big, fallout-breathing hermaphrodite from the deep lives on. Even the combined talents of Matthew Broderick and Jean Reno (come on Jean, I know the accent’s fake), in callusion with Hollywood computer graphics industry could not bury the great one.

Godzilla’s very presence has even drawn a bunch of academics together to have a little conference. Wait around another 40 years or so and maybe you’ll see Pikachu conferences in academic circles.

And to top off the fifty-year celebrations, Godzilla will once again lead a dance of destruction in Godzilla: Final Wars.

It also reminds me of a little ditty performed by the lord of dark denim, Alice Cooper back in the seventies:
I’m nuclear infected
and I really don’t mind
I just show up, blow up
and have a real good time.

All hail Godzilla, King of Monsters!

And in commemoration of Godzilla’s 50th Igor has been drinking lots of canned coffee to score a toy or two. Here’s a few I picked up during a Godzilla promotion a few months back.

Godzilla at Tokyo Tower
Godzilla responds to his latest NHK bill.

Mechazilla at Roppongi Hills.
Mechazilla goes shopping at Roppongi Hills.

Mothula at Rainbow Bridge
Mothula doing something to the Rainbow Bridge…
I hate to think what

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