Yeah, I was a nerd playing D&D for several years in my life. My first character was a female rangre with fudged attributes – you know four 18s with a 17 and 15 for variation. My most beloved character was a thieving megalomaniac who managed to destroy a large part of a village he was trying to take over. Ah, that was a beautiful campaign. Pity the townspeople burned my character alive halfway through the game.

Of course, all that was before I discovered computers and could be a home-bound nerd all day playing role playing games. If anybody asks me, I have to say Ultima IV was the coolest RPG I ever played.

However, the die-rolling, real-life D&D hit 30 on Saturday and is still going strong. So dungeoneers around the world celebrated in grand style by playing more D&D. Noogle D&D.

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