Last week I had the chance to see Psychodream from Kobe performing live at Shinjuku Urga. This band has a unique sound, ranging from industrial, electronica through to avant garde alternative rock. Some of their music delivers an ambient soundscape, but if you turn your head for one second and out comes the metal percussion crashing into your sensorium! Yes, indeed, this band has a nice mix of sounds worth listening to.

The band members consist of the enchanting MIYA Zombie on vocals and metal percussion, Damien electrifying on bass and Psycho Asada on guitar, metal percussion and behind the programming.

This is the preliminary shout-out for the band as they build (or is that re-build) for activities across the nation. Expect to see their events posted on as the year progresses.

In the meantime you can scout their sounds via MySpace and even download a song on their official Exblog site. Keep your eye on this band.

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