Announcing THE GATE – By TKS – Tokyo Kink Society.

Full details below:

PLACE: SECO BAR (B1) (Shibuya)
Doors open 11:45PM!

Strict Dresscode Only!
Fantasy, Fetish, Goth, SM, Cyber, Kinky..etc.

Shows, DJs, Dungeon playspace!

No Camera, No Video!


* SM Bondage by OSADA KAZUMI!
* Body Art Fashion Show by JAJYU!
* Underground Fetish Dance by TOKYO CLEOPATRA!
* Rope and Dance Duo – ROMANTICA!
* Pole dance by TKS OASIS GIRLS!

* Fetish Illustration by Satsuki!

* DJ A04 – authority.four! DJ AMD!

3500yen (w/1Drink)
3000yen with Flyer (w/1Drink)

Read more at: (i-mode)

THE GATE – By TKS – Tokyo Kink Society

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