Another sleepless night in Tokyo. I am not sure what to do so will write a little entry here.

Currently I am just getting back into the scene again and really looking forward to seeing some of the bands I used to follow before I got sick back in 2007. Bands like Baal, Destruct System, Psydoll and many others. Mmmm. Nice. Hopefully I will even get out to a few overnight events as well. I really miss the heavier nights at Tokyo Dark Castle. Incidentally the Halloween edition of TDC will be tomorrow.

So here I sit, brain slightly fried from the day’s frustrations. Trying to think what to do… what to do.

Hey what’s that? It’s like… It’s like… Sawdust in Me, but only with more angst. Youtube is playing some kind of crazy hard electro with femme screamo overlay… and I think I like it! It’s Toxic Strawberry “Doubt Her Suffering!!!” Goodnight all.


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