Advertising various products and thinggies in the blog recently has helped me get a little online stash allowing for purchases of things like games and music. About two weeks ago I bought and downloaded Nine Inch Nails’ Ghosts I-IV purely instrumental release. I have listened to the entire series a couple of times and I have grown very fond of it.The record is kind of a NIN on Zen (or possibly Prozac at times) affair with lots of use of single instruments repetitive yet appealing sound series and more. It is something I would probably look at for meditation.

You will find there are many familiar hard-edged riffs dropped throughout that will remind you that this is indeed the band that wanted to fulaa.

By the third track on Ghosts I the music starts industrializing and the build up continues slowly increases tempo and hardness throughout the series.

I have to admit that tracks one and two threw me, but by track three I could start to see where they were going and that this was definitely a NIN-as-you-know-it product.

It has a lot of subtlety that you would not usually pick up in a vocal record and I have become quite fond of the variations of music in Ghosts I-IV. In many ways it is how I feel about the original Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield – something that can be played over and over without becoming boring.

Five bucks for the full set is a bargain and I am sure that serious NIN-lovers would go for the more expensive versions CDs, vinyl, etc. If you are too cheap to cough up the five dollars, you can get the first of the four albums absolutely free.

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