Glimmer Void

Dead Scarlet Records has just released Glimmer Void’s debut 5-track album “Souls Parade” in digipack cd, limited edition.
Glimmer Void is a band from Athens, Greece, that combine ethereal female vocals with dark atmospheric melodies, influenced by the Gothic, neo-folk and neo-classical music scene.

Originally formed in Athens, in September 2004 by Stelios Mastrodiamadoglou (keyboards, guitar), Thalia Makri (vocals, lyrics) and George Kokkoras (drums, percussion), Glimmer Void started working on experimental ideas to create songs that combine ethereal female vocals with dark atmospheric melodies.

The band felt completed only after Vaggelis Babadelis (guitar) and Diana Rahmanina (cello) joined in
The process of recording began no sooner than the year 2006 and the result of it was the debut album “Souls Parade” consisting of 5 tracks.
“Souls Parade” is now out thanks to Dead Scarlet Records.

At the present time, there are two new members, George Skoufas, (male vocals and bass guitar) and Dimitris Zannis at the guitar, after Vaggelis left the band.

Glimmer Void is now giving live concerts to the Greek audience and continues writing new songs for their next album.

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