Fashion Bomb

Fashion Bomb

Hailing from Chicago, Fashion Bomb delivers an infectious mix of hard industrial, laced heavily with rock and metal in “Devils to Some, Angels to Others.” Indeed, the metal plays such a significant role that it could be considered a dark metal album with Gothic overtones. Either way, this is an exciting work that should satisfy those who like some bite in their music. Weighing in at 14 songs plus one remix, this is one powerful CD.

Out of the gate with a jet engine intro is “SS” which plays hard throughout with the anthemesque question “When will we all be free.”

Nothing is a catchy hard rock song being ridden with strong vocals.

The next track, “Low,” starts off with a single guitar and builds up slowly until it cuts a less violent sound, but maintains the wrath of the first song.

“Avarice” works all soundscapes with industrial, hard rock and metal. The lyrics are an important part of this song about avarice and some suicidal undercurrents.

Another anthemesque sound makes up the background of “Rant,” while “God Drug” is a hot piece of thrash metal.

“The Line” is harsh rock/metal-laced industrial with a dose of screamo thrown in for good measure.

“Ascend This Day” tends more towards industrial and is another powerful track.

The track, “Drugpool,” delivers some dark speed metal along with lighter industrial tone for the verses.

“Skin” is unashamedly heavy rock doused with fine vocals.

“Over It” continues the band’s addictive sounds and the music powers through the song.

“Christ Puncher,” focuses on the vocals with the guitar work more in the background.

“Mold” is a quieter piece again focusing on the vocals with guitars and drums following the vocalists’ lead.

“Looks That Kill” is a cool piece of work about a femme fatale.

The final track is a remix of the “Low (Asrok’s High Mix)” provides a slower more mellow version of the track.

In summary, this album is full of top-notch hard industrial/rock/metal music with a powerful voice riding over the heavy music. The production values are high for this album without a glitch noticed.

All tracks on Fashion Bomb’s “Devils To Some, Angels to Others” could be played at the start of a gig and have you rushing to the stage with an extreme rush of adrenaline! For a 15-track CD with no misses, this is one high-value CD!

Devils to Some, Angels to OthersDevils to Some, Angels to Others tracklist
1. SS
2. Nothing
3. Low
4. Avarice
5. Rant
6. God Drug
7. The Line
8. Ascend This Day
9. Drugpool
10. Skin
11. Over It
12. Christ Puncher
13. Mind
14. Looks that Kill
15. Low (Asrock’s High Mix)

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