Tactical industrial outfit 2Bullet, off the frontlines for a number of months, are now back putting their next strategy into action. Rumors of an impending rally at Club Theatic on May 12 have surfaced and authorities suspect 2Bullet will be joining such notorious figures as Awi of Agent Murder, Aural Vampire, Demonoid 13 of the Nagoyan normal resistance and more. At the same time the outfit, led by Lt. DeeLee, have apparently issued a statement of intent for 2007. Although authorities are still determining the authenticity of the recording, sources close to the organization state that the video is indeed from the Lieutenant.

Recorded at an unspecified location in the Tokyo wastelands, the gasmasked figure of Lt. DeeLee outlines the next steps of the 2Bullet insurgency. 2Bullet’s intentions are simple, yet shocking to the establishment. Through the recording of new material and subsequent free release through the Internet, 2Bullet intend to sow the seeds of a new revolution in Japan and extend its influence into Europe, America and beyond.

The video has been made available through JGoth.com and other sites throughout the Gothasphere. To view the video simply click on the image below or access the 2Bullet propoganda machine @ YouTube.

JGoth.com has also obtained copies of previous videos of 2Bullet in live action. We warn that this video may be addictive to viewers.

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