For the two years I have been under the influence of iPod. My little black nano has been my entertainment center with my music along with various podcasts. However, the last year has seen me move away from music to more talk-radio (mostly lefty stuff) and podcast theater and audio novels. Today I would like to introduce you to one of the coolest podcasters out there, the sci-fi horror novelist, Scott Sigler. This man’s horrorcasts are works of art filled with intense drama, good plots and lots and lots of violence!

I originally discovered Sigler’s work buried deep inside which features a wide variety of genres among the audiobooks on display of varying levels of quality. However, it is a free service unless you make a donation for a particular audiobook you like.
So, I was scanning through the site for sci-fi and found Scott Sigler’s first book Earthcore and proceeded to download all the files via Apple’s iTunes Music Store (in the podcast section). You can find his offerings pretty quickly by searching for Scott Sigler.

Earthcore is about a desolate mountain which happens to be sitting on top of a massive platinum deposit three miles below the surface. The company, Earthcore, embarks upon the gargantuan project. However, something evil has been lurking below for centuries. When the company reaches the depth of the deposit, then the fun, blood and gore begins! Its a massive work in itself, and Sigler’s finesse in story making and story telling put him at the top of the pile. There are other awesome audiobook podcasters out there, but Sigler’s work is one the best you will find.

The second book I listened to, Infected (now available in hard cover), was a lot more gruesome, not to mention totally engaging at the same time. At the core of this work a microscopic parasite attaches itself to human hosts and progressively grows throughout the system to take over the host, often resulting in tragic, gory results. It also gives a whole new meaning to eyeballs as the parasite makes the mistake of infecting a one-time pro-footballer whose dark childhood helps him battle the infection.

The latest book I’ve listened to is Ancestor which involved genetic experiments designed to create an animal with human internal organs for the medical transplant market. Things go extraordinarily right before going extraordinarily wrong leading to lots and lots of blood, gore and violence.

He has other stories out there or in production, and you can find a lot more information on Scott Sigler’s site, or you can pick up the podbook via iTunes. Either way, I think Sigler’s work should slake your blood thirst for a while!

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