Heya folks. Just a quick update on the never-ending story of Igor jolting the site around.

As you know last episode, Igor closed the social network experiment after a two-year stint. What was the problem? Basically i didn’t have time or energy to combat the spammers and be a good host. So that will be re-opened as an archive in the weeks ahead. Now I’m here to tell you about my bloggy plans…

But the JGoth.com Japan Gothic, Industrial and Indie Music blog is starting to ramp up.

Having walked the path of darkness for half a dozen years, Igor has had a really good time going to Goth events and screaming at the bands (he thinks it is singing, but to everyone else it’s screaming). Now, having a bit of free time and energy, Igor has decided to embark upon the scene again (although all-night parties will probably be off-limits).

Now he’s dusting off the old blog entries, sticking them into place, testing different color schemes and wondering how annoying he should be on Facebook! All good so far.

In the upcoming weeks, time permitting, Igor is actually planning on writing about the Goth scene in Japan and super-gluing event announcements to the site.

There will also be coverage of other Gothic music as there are a couple of people still sending Igor CDs (thanks guys! You are truly awesome.).

So if you like the darker side of Japanese independent music drop in from time to time and give us a hoot and a hint – all to make this blog a little more interesting.


Igor the slightly psychotic ferret

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