It has been a while since I have blogged here at and even longer since I last updated the events list. It feels kind of weird treading this place again.

I guess since I have been persona non grata in the local Goth scene and launched the surprisingly successful site has taken me away from the ol’ JGoth site and the monomaniacal urge to write about local events has disappated. Not to worry, the major planned events are up and if you are already in the scene you probably have a lot more knowledge of upcoming events than I could put up here.

I miss the gigs and parties and people and vibrancy of this underground scene, but there is never enough time these days. I hope to get to a gig or two later in the year.

For now I just want to say hello to my blog and anyone who is reading it. And if you are looking for party information start by searching Tokyo Dark Castle or Midnight Mess in the search box. Or if you are in Nagoya look for Stigmatic and in Osaka, Dark Veil I think.

Fangs for the memories, I’ll be back soon.

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