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[Moody & Spiritual] 101A moody guitars and strong femme vocals are nicely matched with Rowthe’s dark spiritual rock. They will be joined by Emmuree and 夢中夢. Should be a well-balanced alt-indy evening.

G’s Funeral/Gの葬刁E/b> @ Chop Ikebukuro
Open: 18:30 :: Start: 19:00
Live: Rowthe (info), 101A (info), Emmuree, 夢中夢.

Full details gets about a dozen totally off-topic mails each week from real people. Mostly I try to point people in the right direction or just ignore them, but there is the occasional gem… Sock puppets taking on Jehovah’s Witnesses and Satan himself – who am I to resist? Here’s the release.

The End is Near!
The final Chapter of the Jeff Saga to be released on 4/13/07!

This Friday the 13th, the long awaited and much anticipated final chapter to the Jeff Saga will be released on Jeff, the evil floating cardboard incarnation of Satan, has Sam and the Sock Puppets cornered and it’s going to take some extreme measures to save them. This will be the battle-royal of the year. If you thought the previous four chapters of the Jeff Saga were badass, you haven’t seen anything yet! Expect lots of hellfire, explosions, and insane, over-the-top humor.

The Sock Puppets from Hell are a group of four insane Sock Puppets who live with a guy named Sam. Constantly finding new ways to muck up and complicate his life, the Sock Puppets (who may or may not actually be from Hell!) never cease to amaze. In the past, they’ve taken on Pizza Delivery Guys, Jehovah’s Witnesses, crazy dogs, telemarketers, and even Satan himself. The Sock Puppets from Hell are the creation of Dan Cheek who, along with his elite Puppet Staff, have been running for almost a year. In that time, the site has exploded in popularity, logging hits from around the world.

In addition to Sock Puppet related things, the website also boasts an incredible selection of other various content. Rock music from some of the best up an coming artists from around the globe, drunken celebrity videos, links, a Drink of the Month section, Stupid Ninja Fight videos, comic and music news and reviews, and original photo essays. What’s more, Cheek and the Puppet Staff plan on unveiling even more original content, some Sock Puppet related and some not, over the next several weeks.

For more information, please visit .

Stigmatic[Hard LOUD Goth - DJ'd] The only regular Goth event in Nagoya takes place on the third Saturday of odd-numbered months this year. That means you better turn up to every event, or you are going to be piking for 60 days for the next industrial-EBM-alt outing in Toyota land!

Soundwise the event’s master, DoomSpider, is harsh EBM industrial Goth with flourishes of lighter sounds mixed in. He’ll be joined by VenoMoth (aka Sister Levi) doing femme-future and elektro-Goth, and riz-K with elektro-clash.

25 people pre-booking for the event will receive a special mix CD from riz-K.

As always, remember your ID for all-night events… Organizers will almost never bend this rule for these events because cops won’t cut them any slack!

Stigmatic (info) @ P.O.D. NAGOYA
DJ’s: Doom Spider, VenoMoth (aka Sister Levi) and riz-K

Full details here

[Uber-Goth Osaka] Aside from resident spinners, Taiki, Non and Syarman, Osaka’s largest Goth event will feature a visitation from Nagoya’s Doom Spider and a Gothic belly dance from Amera (I love what people write in fliers!).

Strict dress code: Tonight is not a night for cazuals. Dress up & be creative – Gothic, Victorian, Medieval, Cyber, Bondage, Drag, Fetish, Leather, Rubber, PVC, etc.

Black Veil (info) @ Club Neo Osaka
Open/Start: 21:00 till Dawn
DJ’s DJ Taiki (aka D-Grimore of Territory-Dinfo), Non, Syarman and Doom Spider (Stigmaticinfo).
Show: Bizzare-Strange Performance, Gothic Belly Dance from Amera.

Full details

Japan’s second-largest listed Eikaiwa by market cap. (Gaba’s number 1), Nova, has been in the news lately on a number of fronts. First up is the tragic murder of one of its teachers last month, where the police let the suspect escape and have failed to find. Then there is the ongoing legal battles with customers seeking fair refunds for unused services. Finally there is the sale of some prime property in the Ginza district earlier this week.

The murder can hardly be blamed on the company. It is certainly a tragedy nonetheless. The suspect appears to be a loner-type who stalked and later contacted the teacher under the pretext of wanting to be a private student. The teacher had only been in Japan for a few months so would have been less prepared to deal with the local sneak-freaks. Sad story.

The ongoing fighting of refunds in courts (including appealing decisions to the highest courts), and consistently losing, is clearly a company problem. The latest case saw the Supreme Court deciding that Nova was in the wrong and the customer should receive a full-refund for the tuition fees not used by the student. Basicly Nova sells lots of points to a customer, which can be used to take classes at the company. The more you buy, the cheaper it is per point. If a customer does not use all the points and seeks a refund, the company calculates how many points were used, what rate those points would cost (higher cost per point for smaller packages) and pays the remainder to the customer. This would not be a problem if a customer was *fully* aware of how this works, but as the customer only learns when seeking a refund, it is a problem. There are estimated to be at least eight lawsuits against the companyhere’s another one.

There has been a growing number of consumer complaints against the company in recent years, leading to a raid earlier this year, suggesting this is a systemic problem with the company (and resulted in raids in Tokyo earlier this year).

While its strategy of fighting all the way to the Supreme Court may scare off a lot of refund seekers (the court costs and lost work time for the plaintiff would be much higher than the lost refund), it must surely scare away potential customers. It should be interesting to see if Nova continues its current policies regarding refunds.

The latest revelation of the land sale came in the middle of this week, when Nova sold a property in the Ginza district (somewhere around here), to a property developer. The amount was not disclosed. A couple of posts on bulletin boards have suggested 2 billion yen or more. The reason behind the sale is unclear, but for a long-time Nova watcher like me, it is quite interesting (a specific investment strategy or cash needs?).

But the big day for Nova is about one month away when the 2006/07 FY earnings are released. In 2005/06 Nova lost 3 billion yen. This year the company says it will make a profit of several hundred million yen. 3Q results suggest that will be difficult, and the raids, and court cases will no doubt have had an impact… But until then we must all wait.

Remember… This is the *slightly* drunken ponderings of a *slightly* insane guy and should not be considered investment advice in any way, shape or form.

For those who like bad news for eikaiwa…
:: 7 Nova teachers busted for drug possession
:: Lado Bankrup

Sadly, the February Tokyo Dark Castle was the last gig for Seiji as the screamer of brutal dark metal unit Morgue. The remaining members include two solid ax-men, Tomo and Takaya plus programming/synth from Shingo.

The other former Morgue-rs include Naoto on bass, and Akira, the madman on drums. Aside from fronting for Morgue until February 2007, Seiji was the demonic key-tarist for Despair until late 2005. I like Seiji’s style a lot, whether key-taring or screaming – nothing is held back, but he always maintains control onstage. He’s just an exciting guy to watch. I think that edge-of-craziness went really well with Tomo’s more grooving laid-back delivery of the licks.

Morgue is one the most exciting new band I have for a long time with a strong combination of hot music and all-out flash. Tomo and the Morgue crew will no doubt bounce back, and I look forward to seeing what Seiji will do next.


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[Goth :: Very Heavy Rock :: Industrial] Feeling lucky, punk? Well do ya? Dubbed Nightmare Preachers by the organizers, Demons, this event promises a good dose of funked out Goth Rock from Speed-ID, evil metal from Demons, and industrial meltdown from Despair. Definitely worth checking out. Don’t ask me what the real @ door price is. Click here to find out why I just said that

Tokyo Dark Castle[Uber Goth - LIVE & DJ!!] Japan’s biggest regular live underground event featuring top class acts from the dark side of the nation!

Tokyo during Golden Week is the coolest time to go playing tourist. It is holiday season, but lots of locals have either gone to their hometowns or are stuck in traffic trying to get home. The town is quieter, the air is cleaner, and you can enjoy some of the more cultural places (temples, shrines, etc.) without so many distractions. It can also be dull during the night, unless you know where to go… And one of those places is Tokyo Dark Castle.

This month’s edition will deliver Baal, the dark industrialists who have assaulted Europe twice and promise a third coming later in the year, super hard industrial rock from Destruct System, underground veterans (and TDC organizer-band) Auto-Mod, moody acoustic-style from Lloy and a Gazelle. All this accompanied by DJ’ing from Taizo and Violet/Sisen.

While much of Tokyo’s nightlife will be shut down or just plain dead boring, TDC will be popping along quite nicely, so it is a perfect time non-Goths to go out and try a new flavor of night crawling – I know you will like it!

Tokyo Dark Castle (info)
Open/Start: 24:00
Live: Auto-Mod (info), Destruct System (info), Lloy (info), Baal (info)
and The Gazzelle (Asylum)
DJ’s: Taizo and Violet.
Note: Must be 18+ (ID checks) – 20+ to drink.

More details…

Lado went belly-up on April 5 leaving some 4000 students high and dry along with the foreign help. This comes just three days after the union representing teachers there won some concessions from them.

I actually read of some speculation that the union victory affected bankruptcy, which is crazy considering three days after agreement the company declared bankruptcy. A much more plausible explanation is that the company cracked under the high cost of licensing the Spiderman character and an ineffectual campaign. Hangon, did anyone ever see a Spidey commercial?..