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[Cyber - Industrial] Sadie’s Speecies project will be trekking all the way from Osaka to cruise the streets of Tokyo with their infectious mix of glam-Goth-elektronicka towards the end of May. They will be joined by Rieu’s Despair, an incomparable sound of industrial devastation, Smells and quite possibly more.

Check events page for details, linx, etc.

A mix of darkness featuring mainly visual acts, but Blood is doing a lot of work sifting through that scene for bands with grit – which is why their events are here. The truth is that as the Gothic-Lolitas grow up, they won’t be satisfied with silent hand-waving and will want to do things like jump and yell and occasionally head butt foreigners in mosh-pit, and some of the bands are starting to oblige with harsher sounds. This one should be worth your while for Blood and Suicide Ali. The other bands look like they should be interesting, but if not, you can always jump and scream yourself.

Blood & Suicide Ali @ Holiday Osaka
Live: Blood (info), Suicide Ali, WhiteBlack, Blood Stain Child, Belin, Velvet Nightmare, Exist Trace.

Full details here

King Ghidorah (キングギドラ) is considered Godzilla’s arch-nemisis by some and one seriously heavy-duty bad-ass in the Godzilla universe only being beaten when Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan tagged together against him. He’s also got three heads – he’s pretty Baal-esque himself, being a three-headed being of ultimate power. With that kind of title, this event must be packing some serious horse-power.

Baal is stepping up to a new level and will be playing with some hard-hitting veterans of the indy scene. Other acts including tasty industrial from Transtic Nerve, Madbeavers, Dust’N'Bonez and Remain Things. Looks like you need to pre-book early (oops – might be too late) using the Lawson convenience store ticket system (L-Code is 36949) or booking through Marz (03-3202-8248).

A little bit hazy on information this time, but trust me, Baal doesn’t do events unless they have bite! Or in this case, enough firepower to damage Godzilla.

King Ghidora @ Marz Shinjuku
Open: 17:30 :: Start: 18:00
Live: Baal (info), Transtic Nerve, Madbeavers, Dust’N'Bonez and Remain Things.

Full details here

[Monster Cyber Nite] Organized by ARTiSM and SiSeN/Violet, this event is an awesome display for Tokyo’s cybernetic crowd. The live side is a wondrous brew of cyber-elektronicka featuring Sino, Psydoll and Bespa Kumamero, along with a guest appearance of Himawari. DJ’s include Sisen, Takuya Angel and Guild. There will also be a stack of dancers and performers that will make you think you have crossed into SiSeN-Land! This event is golden.

Booking: As a small thank you to a couple of guys who have been super-nice to the JGoth slave, I would like to suggest any JGoth-ers going book through either Psydoll or Sino (thanks guys):
Psydoll: psyber [at]
Sino: sino [at]
– Please provide your name, number of your party and send email by the evening of the 26th.

Tokyo Cyber Monster 01 @ Studio Cube 326 Minato-ku (Tamachi stn.)
Open/Start: 16:30
Live: Sino Re-Build Projects (info), Psydoll (info), Bespa Kumamero (info) and Defrag.
Guest Live: Himawari
DJ’s: SiSeN (info), Takuya Angel and Guild
Performance: Dances, performances and exhibition!

See event listing for (a bit) more info

Club Walpurgis[Goth/80's - Live & DJ] Walpurgis night gets paranoid with New Wave and Neo-Gothic throbbing rock-like electro. Sounds like DER KFC, Tommi Stumpff, Krupps and DAF are mentioned… Yes, they are all out to get you!

Club Walpurgis began as a Goth/Punk club in the 1980′s and became one a kind of underground mecha in its day. 18 years after the original club closed down Walpurgis returned as a regular event in 2005 with a heavy emphasis on 80′s alternative, glam, Gothic, industrial and electroclash. Club Walpurgis plays every third Saturday of the month.

As stated, tonight’s set will veer off the road into some lovely retro angst. This Walpurgis’ soundscape has a bit more bite than average.

Club Walpurgis (info) @ Aoi Heya Shibuya TOKYO
Open/Start: 24:00
DJs’: Zinny Aerodinamica, Nariki, Sato M., Naoto.

More details…

[Video clip] Japan electro-clash Goths Aural Vampire uploaded a super hot video clip to MySpace for “Freeeeze!” a couple of weeks ago. Check it out!

[Gothy-alternative - Live] Toge Toge Tokagee is an art-pub style event mixing a range of bands and performances from different scenes from around Tokyo. Along with the live shows there are various art exhibits in the lower labyrinthine level of Head Power.

Tonight’s event scores big time with the Psydoll and Zombie Lolita – yummy.

Toge Toge Tokagee (info)
@ Head Power Shinjuku TOKYO
Open: 18:00 :: Start: 18:30
Live: Psydoll (info), Zombie Lolita, Redsun, Knife, 紗羁E

[Japanesque Gothic & Fetish Dance Party] Undoubtedly one of the hottest nights of the month; Club Theatic is just exploding with power. Featuring three live acts from Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, plus a smeg-load of DJs from the scene. There is also a special performance with the return of The Bloody Vampire herself, Tamaki Carmilla!

The live sets will feature hi-tempo tactical industrial from 2 Bullet along with Agent Murder’s screamer Awi (!!!), vicious electro-industrial from Nagoya’s Demonoid 13 (bring your ear plugs because these guys want your eardrums to explode… seriously bring ear plugs), Sawdust in Me, Hail! Mutante, and more.

On the DJ-side there is DJ dora (RadioActiveDreams), Chihiro, Acid Kluxx (Rieu from Despair) Statik (Midnight Mess) and VenoMoth (Sister Levi from Stigmatic/Demonoid 13 Nagoya).

There is also a lot of other things going on including the aforementioned performance by Tamaki Carmilla.

Club Theatic Show @ Studio Cube 326
Open/Start: 17:00
Live: 2 Bullet (info – with Awi from Agent Murder), Demonoid 13 (info), Sawdust in Me, Hail! Mutante, and more!
DJ’s: DJ Dora, Chihiro (Tokyo Dark Castle and more), Acid Kluxx (Rieu from Despair), Statik, and VenoMoth (Sister Levi from Stigmatic/Demonoid 13 Nagoya).
Performances: Tamaki Carmilla, other, dance performances, exhibitions and more!

More details here

[Electro-rock/hard alternative] Drool, drool, drool. This Electrock Circus is super hot. Apart from the Twisted Clock (ex. Calmando Qual), who have taken Europe by storm with numerous tours these past three years, there is dark NIN-style industrial from Nicht, Japanese Babies, Red Mecca and more! This is one dirty line-up that will get things pumping along nicely.

Extra bonus – Neu! from Neurotic Doll is on the DJ desk.

Full details and linkies are here!

[CyberGoth - Underground fusion event] Europeans wanting to get a taste of a Japan underground clubbing would do well to check out this event as it rolls through Paris and Germany. It is a difficult event to describe because it kind of crosses CyberGoth, alternative dance and sound, a bit of exoticka and a twist of continental flourish from Adrien, the creator of the event.

From the Goth side there is the ever-gorgeous operatic diva, Selia, Goth DJ (also ever-gorgeous), Sisen, and I do believe that Aural Vampire (did I mention ever-gorgeous?) as well. But this is just a part of the troupe with dance and performance from Kengo, Exo Chika (AV) and Anna, DJ’ing from Takuya Angel (house and industrial) and AV’s Raveman (hard house and industrial), and lots more. I haven’t been to a Tokyo Decadance event, but from friends who have been it sounds… gorgeous ;-)

Trust me, this will be a yummy event.

JGoth event information:
May 12 in Paris France
May 19 in Munster Germany