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Illusion FadesLocation: Athens, Greece – Genre: Gothic, Metal, Rock.

The Illusion Fades is one of the most popular and famous bands on the Greek Gothic scene has been active since 1990 and after all these years of commitment and the current Gothic rock styles.

Goth traditionalists (or puritans) have certain parameters of what does and does not constitute a Gothic act. These parameters tend to reduce the options for producing revolutionary work, which requires a skilled artisan to carve a masterpiece considering the limitations. If strict tradition was applied in Tokyo there would be very few bands that would be considered purely Goth – but we love hybridization in Japan!

But coming back to my point, its like whiskey – there are those who don’t mind blended whiskey and there are those who would only drink single-malt – and The Illusion Fades’ Psycho Burn, like a fine single-malt whiskey delivers a pure taste.

The sound on this album reflects the time and devotion the band has put into bringing all the core elements of Goth music into an album that delivers a refined product with dark ambient sounds and harder rock riffs all held together by the smoke-damaged, zombie-like vocals that would rival the most guttural grunts of some Germanic bands.

The careful use of analogue keyboards, voice samples at the start sets the stage for an album that burns with strong riffs in Full of Fire and Dead White Snow and softened sadness with Eyes of Sorrow, and the eerie tracks like Blood Ballad and Eyes of Sorrow. All compositions are in English ensuring maximum reach for the global Goth audience and the mature approach delivers a finely crafted album that any Goth enthusiast would enjoy.

My only complaints were:

  1. iTunes couldn’t pick up the album data (song title, artist, etc.);
  2. It took me a while to realize the band’s name was The Illusion Fades (Psycho Burn sounded cool to me);
  3. My browsers had different problems with the band Web site (perhaps it was made for Opera). However, their MySpace and YouTube accounts work fine.

Igor’s final call on The Illusion Fades’ Psycho Burn is… BUY IT! This album is something that purists and hybridized Goths will enjoy listening to again and again (as I have been for the past few weeks along with Amy’s Arms. It is that fine single-malt whiskey you bring out on special occaisions (or every time if you are a purist)!

illusion-fades-large.jpgPsycho Burn :: Track List
1. Close to the Fall (0:46)
2. Full of Fire (4:37) *
3. Run through the Nightmare (4:08)
4. Dead White Snow (4:29) Sample
5. Blood Ballad (6:55)
6. Rebirth (3:49)
7. My Dust Shining (4:10)
8. A Useless Part (5:02)
9. Eyes of Sorrow (6:09)
10. Love to Me has Faded (4:19)
11. Whispers in the Dark (0:39)
12: Close Your Eyes (7:26)
* Listen to on MySpace (plus three tracks from other albums.
+ Dead White Snow Video Clip on the CD and online +
Total playtime minus the video: 51.:8

Check out the video for Dead White Snow

[youtube CqwrZtg3KH0]

As to getting more information on the band you can try their regular page, but it didn’t work at all for me so head across to their MySpace page for more.

Available from:
Contact the band or the label Dead Scarlet Records regarding distribution.

[Taken from the original JGoth archives dated May 6, 2007]

My first overnight stay at Tokyo Dark Castle for over a year was damned exciting. The crowd was a bit different from what I remember with only a few familiar faces, but they were pumped up and ready to scream. Japan’s Golden Week is usually a pretty light time in terms of people turnout (because everybody runs away to their hometowns), but this event was pumping with a comfortably crowded Marz club and more cool fashion than you can point a sparkler at. Gothic, lolita, cyber, leather, fetish, dreg (uh me), and more.

The band was fiery hot. Auto-Mod were in fine form with a fantastic set featuring ye olde metal grinder (a real one flashing out sparks and shit), fireplay, and a meatier sound that showed these local underground legends that they can continue to deliver to today’s audience. The band has come a long way in the past 14 months when I last saw the start of the change with the new line-up/arrangement.

Lloy smashed my pre-conceptions of thinking of them as a moody alt-rock band. These guys are hard rock with strong femme vocals making them a very hot item on stage. A number of people inside the scene told me they were damned good – I just didn’t know how good until I saw them for myself!

I was primed for insanity by this time, but I was not prepared for the next act – my dear friends Baal. They just ripped shit up on stage and had the audience screaming and jumping to their hard-punching cybernetic industrial rock. I have loved Baal’s live performances since I first saw the band, when it was known as Chronotrigger, in 2005. A t that time I knew they were a fresh, harsh industrial group who’ll electrify any crowd, but even now Baal has kept on ratcheting up the intensity, power and its appeal to the point where it truly is one sexy dominating beast on the scene! While they are my friends, I am being completely honest in my comments – they are that damned good! Check the video at the bottom!

Destruct System
Finally I scoped Destruct System who I have seen at a number of events. These guys are harsh hard rock that is just plain hot. Where Baal left off, DS took over turning the lower level of the two-tiered Marz venue into a grinding pit of Gothic flesh. They know how to connect with any crowd and their sets are varied to suit the tastes of the night (metal, Gothic, electronic, etc.) , so you will get something a bit different every time you see them. These guys are damned good and can ignite any crowd with their intensity.

So that wraps that up. Tokyo Dark Castle is bigger and flasher than ever. All the bands are stepping up the intensity to deliver an array of hard-hitting sounds that will soon be able to shed the “J” moniker and be considered as part of the global Goth scene. And the crowd is growing all the time.

As for me personally, turning up after a long hiaitus as a cybernetic entity, it was kind of strange. There were some familiar faces, but I am a stranger again. It was good to catch up with a few good friends and see just how far the scene has progressed in the past 12 months.

Baal @ Tokyo Dark Castle


2BulletLocation: Tokyo, Japan – Genre: Industrial, Electro, Techno

Combining a unique mix of thumping electronicka with thrashing guitar-led industrial rock makes 2Bullet’s a very addictive and enjoyable record even three years after its initial release. 2Bullet began in 2003 in Tokyo. The term 2Bullet refers to power balance or pointing a gun at each other, a metaphor of MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction). The album, Democratic Violence was released in August 2004. They have uploaded a new EP that is free to download here, but for today I am focusing on their 2004 album Democratic Violence.

The lyrics of most of the songs carry a strong political message against totalitarianism and empire that makes it as relevant today as when it was initially released. Considering the U.S. government’s strategy to subjugate Afghanistan and Iraq (and possibly Iran) through military action, the current monitoring of civil society, rendition programs and the like, this thumping industrial album should connect well with anyone who is against senseless war.

The first track, Democracy starts with an ominous back beat that explodes into a wave of industrial rock. Underneath the powerful electronicka the vocals may have been focused on the rise and fall of South American Junta’s in the 1970’s & 80’s, but has gained even deeper meaning with the controversial U.S.’s engagement of the Middle East:

Is this democracy?
Is this hypocrisy?
Is this your justice?
Is this your business?

Likewise it refers to violent endings of some of the junta’s in the past, but connected with the downfall and ultimate hanging of Saddam in Iraq.

Your time has come
You lost your power
You’re dying lie
Hanging by your tie
Your life has failed
Your rule is dead
Yours is not democracy

This is not to say that the song supports this kind of action – the band is against all forms of totalitarianism and authoritarian control.

The other tracks are carried through with speeding electronicka and heavy guitars from DeeLee (who also does the ax-work for Agent Murder). The only exceptions would be Liquid Seed which is more like an acid trip and the tragic Lost, which focuses on the internal permanent damage of a soldier and the guitar-heavy Tell Me Something, which expresses the pain of killing in war. One of my favorite tracks is Shockwave with its powerful guitars backed by keyboards and percussion with the anthem-esque chorus:

Follow the army, this is reality
Heads up! Wake up! Just become a shockwave!
Follow the government, this is the violence
Heads up! Wake up! Just become a shockwave!

My call on this CD is that it is a MUST HAVE for those interested in Japanese underground music. Whereas many Japanese groups (famous or not) tend to have limited appeal (relying on the “Japanese” tag for selling themselves, 2Bullet’s Democratic Violence stands on its own as part of the international Goth-industrial scene with a sound that is really tuned for an international audience. For 1,500 yen for nearly 50 minutes of quality sound you cannot go wrong!2Bullet Democratic Violence

Democratic Violence :: track list

1. Democracy (5:41) ** +
2. Pray For Me (5:28)
3. Drain People’s Blood (5:38) * +
4. Survivor (5:06) +
5. Liquid Seed (3:44)
6. Tell Me Something (4:23) **
7. Shockwave (3:31)
8. Lost (5:31)
9. Tell Me Something -remix- (4:45)
10. Survivor -remix- (5:24)
Total time (49:01)
* Available on MySpace
** Downoadable remix available on MySpace
+ One-minute samples on 2Bullet’s site

Available on:


Finally a few videos for you to check out!

2 Bullet slideshow (Music: Worthless Future)

[youtube 3SSpyO-iwC8]

Humankind (Live)

[youtube 62HQU3zyxrU]



[Goth/80's - Live & DJ] Club Walpurgis began as a Goth/Punk club in the 1980′s and became a kind of underground mecca in its day. 18 years after the original club closed down Walpurgis returned as a regular monthly event in 2005 with a heavy emphasis on 80′s alternative, glam, Gothic, industrial and electro clash (I added a little clip from one Walpurgis of Dandelion Wine at the bottom of this post). The music styles on offer include new wave, Gothic, neo-Goth, glam, punk, EBM, electro, industrial and more. Because Club Walpurgis plays every third Saturday of the month a special sub-forum has been set up on the New Forum.

November 17 :: Chapter 27 :: Tribute to Madame Edwarda
Where: Aoi Heya
Address: 2-12-13 Yachiyo Building B1F Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 :: 〒150-0002 東京都渋谷区渋谷2-12-13八千代ビルB1F :: Map
Tel: 03-3407-3564
Live: ZIN
DJ’s: Zinny Aerodinamica (aka ZEUS MACHINA, ROMEO MIRROR, Madame Edwarda), Sato M.(UK Edison, Paranoia Night) and Naoto (Playing Death Rock, Progressive Rock, Gothic, etc.).
Open: 24:00 :: Close: 05:00
Price: 2,000 yen with flyer or booking :: 2,500 yen @ door
* Remember to bring a photo ID (18+ for entry, 20+ to drink)

December 15 :: Chapter 28 :: X’mas for Sisters of Mercy!
Where: Aoi Heya
Address: 2-12-13 Yachiyo Building B1F Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 :: 〒150-0002 東京都渋谷区渋谷2-12-13八千代ビルB1F :: Map
Tel: 03-3407-3564
Live: TBA
DJ’s: Zinny Aerodinamica (aka ZIN/ZEUS MACHINA,ROMEO MIRROR,Madade Edwarda), Sato M.(UK Edison, Paranoia Night) and Naoto (Playing Death Rock, Progressive Rock, Gothic, etc.).
Open: 24:00 :: Close: 05:00
Price: TBA
* Remember to bring a photo ID (18+ for entry, 20+ to drink)

Dandelion Wine @ Walpurgis

[youtube oKXXJRSqYfw]

Demons’ Evil Roll is a three day event featuring a lot of metal, industrial and hard rock. The event information is all below along with a couple of clips featuring Twisted Clock and Despair.

Where: Club Chop
Address: Floor B1, 2-46-3 Ikebukuro Toshimaku, Tokyo 171-0014 :: 〒171-0014 東京都豊島区池袋2丁目46-3 :: Map

Date: Friday November 9
Bands: Apologist, Killer Chainsaw, Spike Honey, Mach Trigger and the Demons
Price: 1,500 yen advance :: 2,000 yen @ door.
Open: 18:30 :: Start: 18:50

Date: Saturday November 10
Bands: Dazzle, Skull Smash, Unholy the 13th Preachers, Twisted Clock (ex. Calmando
Qual) and Demons
Price: 1,500 yen advance :: 2,000 yen @ door.
Open: 18:30 :: Start: 18:50

Date: Sunday November 11
Bands: The Lechery from Mars, Der Eisen Rost, Despair (yay!), Shrine and Demons
Price: 1,500 yen advance :: 2,000 yen @ door.
Open: 18:30 :: Start: 18:50

Twisted Clock

[youtube rDdQebXL5ZM]

Despair :: Junk War Live

[youtube jMLa_hB3lDE]

A big thanx to Amy’s Arms for sending across a couple of CDs. The CD got a lot of playtime while I bided my time with all the other crazies in happy land. When I get on top of things I will start doing some serious reviewing. Amy’s Arms are a lounge Goth act from Canada and do a bang-up job with some dark emotional music. The members are Siren on vocals and Mr. Ratt on bass and programming.
You can find them at their Myspace locale with a few trax to get a taster including a hot cover of Wicked Game!

They are a great mix of Gothic Lolita with big-ass boots! Here are a few videos for you to check out.

[youtube V-R2COBC7F8 nolink]


[youtube NYRNCGFyj7Y nolink]

Tactical industrial outfit 2Bullet, off the frontlines for a number of months, are now back putting their next strategy into action. Rumors of an impending rally at Club Theatic on May 12 have surfaced and authorities suspect 2Bullet will be joining such notorious figures as Awi of Agent Murder, Aural Vampire, Demonoid 13 of the Nagoyan normal resistance and more. At the same time the outfit, led by Lt. DeeLee, have apparently issued a statement of intent for 2007. Although authorities are still determining the authenticity of the recording, sources close to the organization state that the video is indeed from the Lieutenant.

Recorded at an unspecified location in the Tokyo wastelands, the gasmasked figure of Lt. DeeLee outlines the next steps of the 2Bullet insurgency. 2Bullet’s intentions are simple, yet shocking to the establishment. Through the recording of new material and subsequent free release through the Internet, 2Bullet intend to sow the seeds of a new revolution in Japan and extend its influence into Europe, America and beyond.

The video has been made available through and other sites throughout the Gothasphere. To view the video simply click on the image below or access the 2Bullet propoganda machine @ YouTube. has also obtained copies of previous videos of 2Bullet in live action. We warn that this video may be addictive to viewers.

TOKYO DARK CASTLE EXTRA — While at Tokyo’s largest Gothic event (Report here), I managed to take a little video of Baal performing Wreckage on stage! This is still my favorite song from the band and just pumps the crowd as you will see. Unlike previous JGoth home videos this one is quiet enough that you won’t have to rip your headphones off screaming “Igor! You C-Nut!” Yes, I discovered the volume control! Do you fancy a couple of minutes of the live Baal experience from the pit at TDC?

A special thanks to the band for giving me the okay to show this little viddy!

Want more? Check out Baal’s official site or Baal on MySpace for the real Baal experience!

There are a few other videos on my YouTube space, but beware… I didn’t know about the volume control for those.