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Finally, after a month or so doing other things, I have come back to the blog – Tadaa!

Hopefully I will have some more content up soon.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this masterpiece from The Damned:


While checking out Psydoll at my latest adventure to Urga in July 2010 I came across Shredni Vashtar, a rather interesting duo producing peppy electronica. Excuse the audio quality, I was standing too close to the speakers again.

This is the second Psydoll video from my little adventure to Shinjuku’s Urga on May 29, 2010.

Neurotic Doll performing @ Urga in Shinjuku, Tokyo on Saturday, May 29.

Psydoll performing @ Urga in Shinjuku, Tokyo on Saturday, May 29.

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This is just a test, but Baal is always a delicious band.


Will it all end in 2008?

Someone did a whole series of Nostradamus videos relating to next year that I decided to plug into the JGoth system so people (including myself) can check them out during the new year slowdown.

[youtube AGZa4YGjcV4]

[youtube DHEpREt_AlU]

If you are still interested there are four other videos available from this person. I took them off here because it was paralyzing the page.

[youtube aDa4GlInwaE]

Sino GalvanismGalvanism represents the fourth mini-CD from Sino Re-Build Projects. Since 2000, Sino Re-Build Projects has been a one-man instrumental band with Sino taking care of programming, noise and guitar work. When performing live Sino is often accompanied by VJ Hal who, donned in a Darth Vader mask with fluorescent dreadlocks, handles the visuals of the performance. However, the music is with one man, Sino and he is able to create an interesting mix of pure electronicka, power noise and metal that is very listenable.

The new CD, Galvanism, features four tracks starting quietly enough at the beginning of Drainage with cathedral-like prayers droning in the background. This lasts about 50 seconds before the harsh glitch noise kicks in with heavy bass igniting your eardrums. It moves smoothly between hard noise with guitar, and a more straight electronic style kicking in between the aggressive parts.

The second track, Flash Back, has an almost Jarre-esque soundscape somewhat akin to style of Metamorphoses. It is a very original piece with heavy emphasis on the keyboards and deep glitch sounds. At a couple of points through the song Sino crashes in with heavy guitar solos, which complement the more sublime sounds of the keyboards.

To Die starts off racing with frantic programmed base beats rapidly dragging the song into a complete metal and power-noise piece. Nothing is held back here and this brutal, relentless sound has enough to get a serious moshpit going.

The final track, Everlasting, creates a more melancholic chilling soundscape with its ambiance crushed from time to time by mammoth percussion and guitar. Overall it is the mellowest song in the album, but is not without the heavy electronic and guitar elements.

As far as the overall feel of the album goes, it is very accessible for power noise, metal and electronicka lovers.

Galvanism - SinoGalvanism :: Track List
01. Drainage (5:28)
02. Flash Back ( 5:14)
03. To Die (4:46)
04. Everlasting (5:25)
Total Playtime: 20:43

International distibutors include Nanimato (France) and Mile 329 (U.S.A.), or you can connect with Sino directly at his Web Site or Sino’s MySpace.

I couldn’t find a sample page, but there are a lot of videos of Sino Re-Build Projects here.

[youtube UC21NkWPccc][

Garden in BlackBased in Athens, Greece, Garden in Black released its debut CD on the Dead Scarlet Records label on 13 February 2007. Garden in Black is an interesting mix of digitized music mixed within strong danceable beats with the whispered vocals of fear, loss and pain. While the topics tend towards the darker side of the human psyche, the keyboards, guitar and percussion along with the vocals make for quite an enjoyable listening experience (see links to samples below).

The album starts on the darker side with Help Me!! and Your Hell, which offer dark dance themes for the listener. Help Me!! was, for me, particularly interesting with the female voice that said “Help me, I want you to help me” with the same emotionless delivery of the voice on Depeche Mode’s Photographic song – “I take pictures, photographic pictures.” The rasping vocals of Your Hell makes you truly believe the lead singer is the inflicter of pain and tragedy in your life.

The faster underlying beat in War Dialing is in line with a cyber attack. Hypnotic Touch and Fallen Star offer more mellow soundscapes. Retro 80’s sounds and beats infuse 25th of September and The Haunted Song. Dark Current Noise delivers a harder contemporary noise and electronica sound. In Silence is probably the most melancholic piece of this dark, yet danceable CD.

There are also remixes of Help Me!! and Your Hell on the CD. Help Me!! delivers an extra layer of darkness to the original with screams in the background. Both remixes deliver more power with harder, edgier sounds. There is a final track (not mentioned on the CD) that finishes with an acoustic guitar and a woman’s groaning in ecstasy – a most interesting finish.

Overall I found this CD to be quite a good mix of darkness and light. The raspy vocals blended well with the guitar, keyboards & percussion. If you are looking for something dark, but not too dark, then this would be a good choice. I will certainly continue to listen to this album from time to time.

Garden in BlackGarden in Black :: Track Listing
1. Help Me!! (5:08)
2. Your Hell (3:44)
3. War Dialing (3:56) Sample
4. Hypnotic Touch (4:07) Sample
5. Fallen Star (4:20)
6. 25th of September (6:26)
7. Dark Current Noise (4:25)
8. In Silence (3:31)
9. The Haunted Song (6:07)
10. Help Me!! (fear mix) (3:42)
11. Your Hell (I hunt you remix) (3:38)
12. Untitled (4:48)
Total: (53:12)

Final note: Help Me!! now has a video clip here, and there are four full tracks available for download on Garden in Black’s site.

Available from:
Garden in Black (Paypal)
Dead Scarlet Records