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I was about to get ready to write some more reviews from the Greek Goth label, Dead Scarlet Records, when I received three really interesting CDs.

The first two came from the main man at DeathWatch Asia, Jude. Despair and Sawdust in Me are Japanese bands who are making waves in the Gothic/underground world. Two pops to Jude for sending these across. Jude who, apart from running the DeathWatch Asia label, heads up Sins of the Flesh and does keytair for Despair. I will get onto the reviews soonish – latest in the new year.

If you cannot wait for a review, you can buy either CD internationally from Music Non Stop (click here for Despair’s Rewired Riot Technology CD, click here for Sawdust in Me’s Mortification Made Me single).

The other CD received was from Chris of The Stompcrash (MySpace), a Goth band in Italy. The CD is called Requiem Rosa and the lyrics have their origins from a site of the same name created by an unknown songwriter. Quite a dark, mysterious provenance, which has certainly caught my attention!

Anyway, more events will be added in the days ahead and reviews soon after that.

Have a Merry Christmas!


Now here is a Christmas movie I’d like to see. Johnny Depp as a 19th century serial killer. Armed with his razors edge, Johnny ain’t redecorating the hedges a la Edward Scissor hands. Oh, no. This time he’s taking a swipe at a few throats in his latest movie, Sweeney Todd opening December 21 – check the promo!

Like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, I had heard of Sweeney Todd, but was not particularly interested until I saw that Mr. Depp was playing main role.

I have always liked Johnny Depp since I saw him in 21 Jump Street oh so many years ago, and have enjoyed all his performances which he plays with gusto – be it pirate, investigator or serial killer.

The story of the new movie of about the grisly revenge played out by Benjamin Barker, a man imprisoned unjustly by a judge who. Barker manages to escape and return as the barber Sweeney Todd to exact his revenge on the judge. Of course there are numerous other victims and Mrs. Lovatt who pitches in with the creation of special meat pies from the remains. Quite dark indeed.

Aside from Johnny Depp, the film co-starts include Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen and Alan Rickman

Directed by Tim Burton, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, promises to be another sleek, grim, occasionally tongue-in-cheek fantastical horror movie.

Pity I don’t know when it will reach Japan ZZZzzz.

Igor is proud to announce that he has become an affiliate of Music Non Stop, a totally kicking alternative music store able to ship all manner of music almost anywhere in the world. It even carries a range of Japanese Gothic titles from the small, but growing DeathWatch Asia label. If you are feeling like shopping for some alternative music or something dark and from Japan, please click on the banner or individual links below!

 Items of particular interest to JGoth readers are:

Demonoid 13
- Gate of Hell (Igor’s Review)

- Deserted Technology Riot (Igor’s Review)
- Rewired Riot Technology (Rewired! Review coming soon)

Sawdust in Me
- Mortification Made Me (Review coming soon)

Sins of the Flesh
- Death Wish
- Death of the Flesh (Igor’s Review)

Various Artists
Dark Waters (Igor’s Review)

All these titles are quality examples of the Japanese Goth, especially Dark Waters which offers a broad cross-section of Goth, industrial, electro and more. Remember if you make a purchase after clicking the links above, that supports Igor and JGoth!

Gothika :: 120 Days of SodomGothika (MySpace) will be conducting its third European tour in December with appearances in Greece, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Finland and Russia! The band also released its first full CD, 120 Days of Sodom, on September 15 this year – I must get my hands on a copy. If you are interested in getting a copy for yourself they are available at J Music Store.

Tour Information:

2007/12/14 (Fri) Athens, Greece @ Underworld Club
2007/12/15 (Sat) Lahr, Germany @ Universal D.O.G. -Dark Dance Treffen-
2007/12/16 (Sun) Barcelona, Spain @ BeCool
2007/12/19 (Wed) Paris, France @ Le Klub
2007/12/20 (Thu) Brussels, Belgium @ The Windows
2007/12/21 (Fri) Helsinki, Finland @ Gloria
2007/12/22 (Sat) Moscow, Russia @ Relax Club

CD Information:
Gothika :: 120 Days of Sodom 120 Days of Sodom :: Track List
01. Nazareth
02. Elflock
03. Girl Inferno
04. fata morgana Android
05. Lage Kokeshi Doll
06. Beyond God and Evil
07. Hair Cut Millennium
08. Mitsu-Getsu-Ka
09. I’m sorry for my birth.
10. Alexa
Available at J Music Store.

Rewired Riot Technology - DespairLocation: Tokyo, Japan – Genre: Heavy Industrial, Electro

On October 3 Despair released its new remix CD, Rewired Riot Technology offering nine tracks from the band. Despair is best described as post-industrial carnage, discarding the traditional instruments for reworked noise and samples backed with a digital keytar. My recent review of the band’s 2006 release of Deserted Technology Riot (DTR) was very positive.

Igor’s final call on DTR is that this is a must-buy album for serious industrial-music lovers. It marks the evolution of Despair from a largely live band (they always drive the crowd nuts!), to a band that can produce high-quality recordings that excite CD listeners in the same way! See my full review here

In truth it took me several listens to reach my decision as DTR was a very tech-heavy piece of work unlike any other CD I had heard (even from Despair itself).

The new CD, Rewired Riot Technology features 9 remixes from DTR totaling nearly 40 minutes. There are three rewired versions of Jarring God and MPD Conflict and one for Mechanical Rabies, Filth Pig and Junk War. I will save judgment for a review when I get a hold of the new CD, but the sample remixes on the site are pointing towards an awesome piece of re-worked music.

Rewired Riot Technology - DespairRewired Riot Technology :: Track List
1. MPD Conflict (A New Model) – Sample
2. Jarring God (Rebel Action Remix) – Sample
3. Mechanical Rabies (No Vaccine For Your Machines) – Sample
4. MPD Conflict (Mind Control Mix) – Sample
5. Jaring God (The Devil Built My Beat Box) – Sample
6. Long Pig – Sample
7. Junk Whore – Sample
8. MPD Conflict (A New Machine) – Sample
9. Becoming God – Sample

The price for this 9 track 39 minute CD is 1,500 yen or 10 Euros. Once I get my hands on a full copy I will do another review!

Despair’s music is available at a number of music stores in Japan, the U.K., France and Australia. Just check out the bottom of the Destore page (that is also where you will find all the samples).

2Bullet[FREE DOWNLOADS!] Totally cool! Tactical industrial with a strong sense of irony – wearing military regalia, with an anti-totalitarianism stance. Their fast, hard-hitting industrial sound packs quite a punch and keeps hitting throughout the trax. But THE BIG NEWS is that the SONGS ARE FREE and you can DOWNLOAD and you can SHARE them. The guys reserve some rights of course (like no re-sale), but the general idea is to get this sound out to as many people as possible. So tell your online and real-life friends about 2Bullet and their downloads!! Get your DJ friends to take a gander. Tell the world! Four full songs are up along with another coming later in the year.

Click here and start downloading!
The band will also be doing a new live gig on the 25th of November.

Tactical industrial outfit 2Bullet, off the frontlines for a number of months, are now back putting their next strategy into action. Rumors of an impending rally at Club Theatic on May 12 have surfaced and authorities suspect 2Bullet will be joining such notorious figures as Awi of Agent Murder, Aural Vampire, Demonoid 13 of the Nagoyan normal resistance and more. At the same time the outfit, led by Lt. DeeLee, have apparently issued a statement of intent for 2007. Although authorities are still determining the authenticity of the recording, sources close to the organization state that the video is indeed from the Lieutenant.

Recorded at an unspecified location in the Tokyo wastelands, the gasmasked figure of Lt. DeeLee outlines the next steps of the 2Bullet insurgency. 2Bullet’s intentions are simple, yet shocking to the establishment. Through the recording of new material and subsequent free release through the Internet, 2Bullet intend to sow the seeds of a new revolution in Japan and extend its influence into Europe, America and beyond.

The video has been made available through and other sites throughout the Gothasphere. To view the video simply click on the image below or access the 2Bullet propoganda machine @ YouTube. has also obtained copies of previous videos of 2Bullet in live action. We warn that this video may be addictive to viewers.