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A month and a half has gone by without any posts. This means only one thing… other things are afoot. Currently most of my time is taken up by a social networking site for Goths and dark spirits. It is still small at 1800+ but is growing quite nicely. Then there is my new site that hooks directly into a million plus Gothic dating network called Goth-Match.

I miss writing about things though so maybe there will be more posts soonish.



It turns out that the tri-City celebration refers to DJs from all three cities turning up to the New Year Countdown in Dark Veil’s new year countdown. Don’t worry, I’ve found another event in Tokyo!

Back online again

After doing a bit of cleaning up here at JGoth towers I now feel like to blog again. Man, am I out of shape for blogging. The last CD review was a really bad piece of writing, especially considering how much I absolutely love the CD. There’s not much I have on my mind at the moment except a possible text interview with a horror-movie director (totally cool) and putting out some propaganda for one of the events in Tokyo. Oh, then there is the event list that I need to redo and some research into other add-ons for the site. Hang on a minute, that’s actually a lot of work to do. Gadzooks! I better get my mind into gear ASAP. Anyway, it’s nice to be back…

Ho-hum, the pages are doing strange things again. At least is pretty stable (knock on wood).

In other strange news I received a beautiful looking CD case, which I assumed would be for review. Unfortunately there was no CD in said case. Oops. I hope I’m the only one to receive this surprise!

It has been a while since I have blogged here at and even longer since I last updated the events list. It feels kind of weird treading this place again.

I guess since I have been persona non grata in the local Goth scene and launched the surprisingly successful site has taken me away from the ol’ JGoth site and the monomaniacal urge to write about local events has disappated. Not to worry, the major planned events are up and if you are already in the scene you probably have a lot more knowledge of upcoming events than I could put up here.

I miss the gigs and parties and people and vibrancy of this underground scene, but there is never enough time these days. I hope to get to a gig or two later in the year.

For now I just want to say hello to my blog and anyone who is reading it. And if you are looking for party information start by searching Tokyo Dark Castle or Midnight Mess in the search box. Or if you are in Nagoya look for Stigmatic and in Osaka, Dark Veil I think.

Fangs for the memories, I’ll be back soon.

Hey there folks. Sorry about the lack of updates, but I haven’t got any new CDs to review (although I did receive a CD case sans the CD) and am too lazy to keep up with the events and stuff. Also, I have been spending a lot of time pouring over which has continued to grow (293 bodies at last count – not huge, but not small). So if you are looking for where Igor’s chilling, head on down to the arena.

Yes brethren, I have been touched by this thing called social networking and I have been working with new code to create a social network site. It will have the expected personal spaces, galleries, videos, music (if the artists apply) and more.

Give me about two weeks to get everything wired together. I think you will like it.

If you want me to buzz you direct upon opening the site just drop me a line to igor [at]

 Igor walked offstage with an evil mwahahaha laugh.

This is just a small reminder that there is a forum included in the back of the site. You can get there by Clicking here or you can click the big red link at the top of the pages saying Forums. I haven’t been spending much time on the forums as I tend to be busy on the front of the site and believe my biases should be kept out of the forum area.