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Names are spinning around my head, lotsa names. Names like

AGENT MURDER (sadly retired)!
13th MOON!
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Under construction

Thank you for visiting. The site is now under construction with an opening expected at the beginning of June.

Hi folks. After a couple of months of total silence, I have come out to re-announce that my main site is:

Featuring over 2,400 members GOTHERS.COM is the place to be to feed on your dark side. Come on people! Come to GOTHERS.COM

[Goth/80's - Live & DJ] Club Walpurgis is a quarterly Gothic event in Tokyo. Club Walpurgis began as a Goth/Punk club in the 1980′s and became a kind of underground mecca in its day. 18 years after the original club closed down Walpurgis returned as a regular event in 2005 with a heavy emphasis on 80′s alternative, glam, Gothic, industrial and electro clash. View full article »

There are at least two CDs creeping their way across the seas towards Igor’s cave that will give me something new to rave about! Yay!