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SorAutogen (Latvia)ry, I was going to post this on the weekend, but I had to do things in order to eat.

It’s Monday, but something good is happening in Tokyo! It’s dark, got industrial bands and now, best of all (for me), is I can actually go!

Autogen hail from Latvia and have a great industrial sound. They will be joined by local rock industrial unit 2Bullet and two other local indie bands making my Monday AWESOME! View full article »

Names are spinning around my head, lotsa names. Names like

AGENT MURDER (sadly retired)!
13th MOON!
and tons more View full article »

Heya folks. Just a quick update on the never-ending story of Igor jolting the site around.

As you know last episode, Igor closed the social network experiment after a two-year stint. What was the problem? Basically i didn’t have time or energy to combat the spammers and be a good host. So that will be re-opened as an archive in the weeks ahead. Now I’m here to tell you about my bloggy plans… View full article »

Greetz folks. This is Igor, the Webslave of

Thank you everybody who have invested your valuable time to supporting and using the site – without you I would never have tried.

Unfortunately due to a massive influx of spam and my own lack of time to combat that and otherwise manage the site (not to mention the decline of usage by regular members) it has been decided to retire the social network.

Where is my stuff?

At the moment the content is hidden away from everyone while I removed some of the worst spam on the site. An announcement will be made here by February 26 when the site is accessible to the public. This will allow users/former users to access the site and download any content they may have posted there.

Where can I go?

Well, I have another site,, which is a much rowdier place (minus most of the spam). It is more Facebooky than JGoth (JGoth was old-skool SNS for people who didn’t like Gothers!), and a little too bright, but I will be working in the coming months to darken the space to people’s liking. Click through to!

What’s happening to was originally a Japanese Gothic news site, so I will be dusting off the old articles and uploading them in the weeks ahead. I got a bigger interest than JGoth itself, so I will be moving on towards more global Goth news as the site continues.

I will leave moderated comments on this page and will check up regularly.

Once again, THANK YOU for your time and energy and support in making last for a couple of years!