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It is time for another Halloween in Osaka, and what better way to celebrate this dark night than turning up to another iteration of the famous Gothic club event, Black Veil!

Produced by Territory-D’s Taiki, Black Veil is one of the coolest events to go to in the Osaka Goth scene. The event is an all-night affair featuring DJ’s Taiki, Bonzin and Syarman along with support from locals Moe:t and Elmina, plus a special guest performance from Nagoya’s Stigmatic DJ, Doomspider. There will also be performances from an-jali and Midori (a toast to her hallowed name!) and a shop booth for Territory-D, of course.

The event is priced at 3,500 yen (plus one drink) for advanced bookings and 4,000 yen (plus one drink) on the night. I am not sure if this is dress-coded, but for any Dark Veil event it is always worth dressing up as it will be one of the best dressed events in the local calendar.

Starting at 9 p.m. the event will continue on until the dawn so remember to bring a photo ID with you!

Dark Veil :: Halloween
When: October 30
Where: Club Neo
Address: B2, It Bldg., 2-18-9 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka :: 大阪市中央区西心斎橋2-18-9 ITビルB2F
Tel: 06-6213-3211
Booking: sabbat[@]
DJ’s: Taiki, Syarman, Bonzin, Moe:t, Elmina and Doom Spider
Open: 21:00
Price: Advance 3,500 yen (+1 drink), @door 4,000 yen (+1 drink)

As the band’s catch-phrase says, Good kids go to heaven, Bad kids go to Baal gigs! BAAL is hot industrial cybernetic rock, not to be missed in Tokyo’s underground scene. This time they’ll be playing at Shinjuku Antiknock with The Bubbles, 13th moon, Cracks, Hat Trickers, P.I.M.P. and others. How much would you expect to pay for this night of madness? Just 2000 yen (I think, plus a drink). The action begins at 17:00 and goes until around 23:00 or so. Well worth it for a night of madness on the town!

For information, bookings, et cetera, contact BAAL

Fancy an explosive afternoon and evening of live underground rock & industrial in Tokyo/Yokohama? Of course you do. Well kids, BAAL will be playing in this uber-event featuring 20 bands all desiring to rip your eardrums apart! I only know a few of the bands, but it is enough to say this will be H-A-R-D-C-O-R-E indies music.

Bring the earplugs and whatever else you need to survive! Awesome event.

Where: Club Lizard Yokohama
Cost: 1999 yen in advance :: 2499 yen @ door (+ 1 drink of course).

For details, buzz Baal. You can find their contact details here

Baal :: Religion 616

Baal :: Religion 616

One of the hard-hitting electro-industrial rock groups in Tokyo’s underground scene, Baal represents the future of heavy industrial music. Featuring uber-femme U-tarou on hellastic vocals, Mikito orchestrating the guitar and digital sounds and Chihiro on drums, Baal ignites any event it appears in. With multiple tours of Europe, and one tour in Australia with Angel Spit, Baal is coming up from beneath the radar to infect ordinary society.

Religion 616 represents the latest evolution of the band with songs pumping out an infectious grimy industrial sounds with power vocals and more.

Baal :: Religion 616 track list
1. Dead Rock Enemy – 3:03
2. Religion 616 – 4:04
3. Judgement Night – 3.14
4. The Hardliner – 3.11
5. Survive – 3.23
Total time: 16:57

You can find the band site at and their online shop at

Finally, after a month or so doing other things, I have come back to the blog – Tadaa!

Hopefully I will have some more content up soon.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this masterpiece from The Damned:


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