The members of Stiff Valentine describe their blend of music as “industrial metal disco” (well that’s what some mag said), which rings true with their mix of electro, guttural screamo vocals and heavy guitar riffs found on their EP, Loveless. There is also a strong anger pumping through these songs as evidenced by the almost homicidal hatred of the number 23 in the bands opening track by the same name. The songs are a twisted mix of aggression with a strangely dancable beat thumping throughout the album.

Aside from Number 23 the band serves out a number gamboling vitriolic selection of songs.

The second track Absolution is a speedballing riot of a song, while Prison G starts as a slower somber track which explodes into a heavy rock part-way through. The forth track, Breaking Point, a quality hard electro piece, is followed by straight hard rock in Subsonic. The final song, Suck, is a fun speed rock piece.

Overall, I found this EP quite enjoyable and quite refreshing with tongue-in-cheek songs like Number 23 and Suck. The other songs also go down well on my iPod. Just don’t mention the number 23 around these guys.

Check them out at Stiff Valentine or on Myspace.

Loveless Tracks
1. Number 23
2. Absolution
3. Prison G
4. Breaking Point
5. Subsonic
6. Suck