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Sins of the FleshLocation: Osaka, Japan & UK – Genre Post punk, New Wave, Gothic

Sins of the Flesh deliver two CDs worth of music, the first containing one CD of original songs, and a second CD with remixes of the songs on CD 1. The additional CD’s reworked electro remixes put a very different spin on the songs making you feel like you are getting two albums for the price of one.

Sins of the Flesh or their style of music would be recognizable to the thirty-somethings as their earlier career went from the late 80′s through to the early 90′s. Stealing the blurb from Gothtronic:

Long before ‘darkwave’, back in the days when ‘industrial’ still referred to Throbbing Gristle rather than Nine Inch Nails, SINS OF THE FLESH delivered their first stroboscopic live shows in London. SINS OF THE FLESH was never conceived as a rock group, but rather as an exercise in media-manipulation, as much concerned with presentation as content – wherein music was merely a singular (albeit core) component in a well-structured whole. Inspired by the effective product-placement of acts like Sigue Sigue Sputnik and The Jesus And Mary Chain, and ZTT’s legendary propagandist Paul Morley, SINS OF THE FLESH chose a deliberately provocative name and opted for selective live appearances coupled with expensive advertising copy which effectively replicated that of far larger, corporate-sponsored acts. By the time of only their fourth such performance, such a strategy was vindicated in the shape of the journalists already in attendance, and SOTF duly received the first of their many mentions in SOUNDS, Melody Maker and the NME.[....]

[After 1993 SOTF] became the default headline act of choice for innumerable goth-industrial one-dayers nationwide. Besides their own shows, they also opened for a variety of acts ranging from fellow homegrown advocates of a cultural cut-and-paste aesthetic like Pop Will Eat Itself and Apollo 440, to Spahn Ranch and Switchblade Symphony from the US. After a handful of appearances road-testing new material under the pseudonym ‘star80′ in 1998, SINS OF THE FLESH suddenly disappeared without trace…..

Until 2004/05 when SOTF resurfaced again in Japan. The band’s current permutation sees it spread across Japan and the UK with lead man Jude (Jamie Nova), rebuilding the base of the band from Osaka and gearing it up for a 21st Century audience. This has included performances, new releases and finally, in early-mid 2007, the double CD was released.

As I say, the differences between the original and remixed versions of the songs make for two very different listening experiences. I think the older pre-NIN Goths, Industrialists, etc. will find the original gory material to be a refreshing return to the good old days of darkness, while the younger crowd might tend to find more value in the second CD’s remixes. I have seen two previous reviews of the CD, one loving the release, the other quite a bit less loving. The truth is, either you will love this material dearly or you won’t. Listen to the samples and see if this music floats your boat at SOTF’s Web site – click MP3s to get to the samples (there are a lot of them!).

Igor’s take…
My initial reaction to the first CD (album versions) was mixed – enjoying the old school works, but finding the lyrics quite disturbing, especially tracks like Cutter which makes Linda Blair’s crucifix scene in The Exorcist pale in comparison! The more I have listened to the songs the more I have grown to like them. While the subject matter is fiery, delivered with vitriol, I find it a refreshing sound. The best tracks for me were Judas Kiss, the more synth-popped DeathWish, the biting ballads Image is Everything and Following (in the Company of my Shadow), the mellow but strong guitar-riffed (Song for) the Lonely Ones, Wormwood, The Damned-esque sound of About Time, and the broken industrial sound of Shikan.

The second CD reworks and remixes the songs on the first CD making a much more readily accessible sound with the electro versions of the songs on the first CD. I find myself enjoying all the remixed versions of the songs as much as the originals. For me, the best songs of the second CD would be Be My Enemy, Make Believe, Still Following and Fade Away.

Taken as a double-disk album Death of the Flesh offer quite an interesting journey from the original versions to the extensively remixed material. Considering the price (2,000 yen in Japan, 11.99 pounds in the UK, etc.) it is definitely worth the money to check out Sins of the Flesh. You should get a full feel of the band’s music through the ample samples available at SOTF’s Web site – click MP3s to get to the samples.

Sins of the FleshDeath of the Flesh :: Track Listing (Disc one)
01. Judas Kiss (4:51) – Sample
02. Cutter (4:40)
03. Go To Hell (4:33)
04. F**k #1 (4:52)
05. Death Wish (5:57) – Sample
06. Image Is Everything (4:27)
07. Following (In The Company Of Shadows) (4:02)
08. The Death Of The Flesh (5:22)
09. (Song For) The Lonely Ones (5:09)
10. The Sweetest Poison (4:09)
11. Wormwood (3:24)
12. About Time (4:35) – Sample
13. Shikan (5:01)
14. Woman’s Heart (5:26)
15. The Only Thing Certain In Life Is Death (6:38)
Total Time: 71.19
Beyond of the Limits of the Flesh :: Track Listing (Disc two)
01. Be My Enemy (4:16) – Sample
02. The Unkindest Cut (5:48)
03. Make Believe (5:33) – Sample
04. F**k #2 (3:48)
05. 1000 Times (4:54)
06. Image Is Nothing (6:40)
07. Still Following (5:15)
08. The Death Of The Flesh Pt.II (5:33)
09. The Patron Saint Of Suicides (5:22)
10. Fade Away (3:40) – Sample
11. Food For Worms (5:12)
12. 1 More Time (2:38)
13. The Death Of The Flesh Pt.III (6:54)
Total Time: 68:35

Grand Total Time: 2:19:54

The site includes a list of links to shops in Japan, Europe and Oceania here or you can use the stores that Igor is affiliated with below:

Music Non Stop:

Amazon Japan:

[Electro-rock/hard alternative] I really like Electrock Circus because it has a good mix of acts seeking to electrolyze you. With around six or so acts each event, you will always get your money’s worth. The final Electrock Circus will see Xenophobia, Japanese Babies, Soul Source and more!

When: December 29, 2007 :: Electrock Circus
Where: Urga Shinjuku
Address: Address: B1, 2-42-16, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo :: 東京都新宿区歌舞伎町2-42-16 B1F :: Google Map
Tel: 03-5287-3390
Live: Japanese Babies, Soul Source, Xenophobia, SIS and more!
Open: TBA
Price: TBA

This post will be updated when more information is available!

gateofdeaths.gifThis devastatingly heavy EBM release from Demonoid 13 (MySpace) comes to you professionally repackaged by the small, but quickly expanding, Deathwatch Asia label in Japan. The music comes across as hard, powerful dance tracks, which reflects the nature of lead man Fixer-D, a.k.a. DJ DoomSpider of Nagoya’s Stigmatic events. Aside from Fixer-D on vocals and programming the band includes Sister Levi (DJ VenoMoth) on synths and sonic waves and DxUxSx on metal and electro percussion.

The band’s mix of dark metal, and heavy grindcore is built around Fixer D’s own powerful demonic voice. Whether “whispering” or screaming, his voice powers through the soundscape with little difficulty. Despite the harshness of the sound, the last three tracks of the CD play really well for club events – Sinister Circle, Master of D and Satanic Panzer Unit – and can often be heard in the DJ’d sets at Goth events in Japan. The other two tracks, Reflected Lights and Hypocritical Souls and are more straight heavy EBM-industrial that you can enjoy blasting away anywhere you are!

Overall, the CD plays really well and is a fine example of the Japanese dark EBM, delivering a powerful mix of metal and electronicka with powerful vocals. The price for this CD is quite reasonable at 1,500 yen for 25 minutes of some great music.

Gate of DeathGate of Death :: Track List
1. Reflected Lights (4:58)
2. Hypocritical Souls (5:08)
3. Sinister Circle (4:55)
4. Master of-D (5:21)
5. Satanic Panzer Unit (4:47)
Total Time: 25:07

You can find a list of domestic and international distributors on DWA’s order information page.

Finally, you may want to check out the video sample:

[youtube lBfj8vbc1y8]

forkyss.gifAttica, Greece – Genre: Electro, Gothic, Industrial

My Spirit Free At Last is the first full official album release for Forkys (MySpace). Forkys is a Greek duo, featuring Dominique on vocals & keyboards and Vril in charge of programming, FX vocals and visuals, and has been around since 2001. The band’s strong Gothic, dark electronicka sound was influenced by European and North American Gothic and industrial music as well as ancient European literature. The end result is a high-quality, enjoyable CD weighing in at 58 minutes with 12-tracks.

Before getting into the album itself it might be worth noting that Forkys was (is) an ancient Greek God of Water – sea and wave – so it is associated with human emotions to some extent.
The album mixes simple, addictive technoid tracks such as the opening 6th with much more complex arrangements such as the second track The Harpies Are Waiting. Dominique’s voice is quite unique, quavering between speaking and singing through the tracks, gives the songs an extra-dimension and adds a sexy touch to the tracks. Attack of Insanity starts showing a darker side of this duo. This continues with The Way of the Soul as male vocals become more prevalent.

The following song, Les Dibles Ils Reviennent is probably the sexiest of the album with an infectious beat and vocals in French, which suit Dominique’s style of singing.

The next three songs continue the albums slide into darker beats and formats with Under the Sun, the sad male vocals of Womb and Dithering with key outtakes from George Bush Jr.’s speeches. The trend continues with Cold in the Earth with a sense sadness extending below the surface of the world and Colors.

The final two songs give the feeling of overcoming the darkness that had previously built up in the mid-section of the album. My Spirit Freed at Last exhibits continued sadness, but the haunting vocals penetrating the beat give a sense of elevation. The final song, Incantation is the least danceable track due to its melancholic rhythm, but emphasizes a final release.

Overall, I found this recording quite satisfying to listen to and, while it may not be revolutionary, it certainly is a fine example of Greek Gothic electro. My favorite track would have to be Les Dibles, Ils Reviennent, because of the vocals were just amazing, but I enjoyed all the tracks.

ForkysMy Spirit Freed at Last :: Track List
1. 6th (5:24)
2. The Harpies are Waiting (5:08)
3. Attack of Insanity (4:50)
4. The Way of the Soul (4:20)
5. Les Diables, Ils Reviennent (3:45)
6. Under the Sun (5:14)
7. Womb (5:04)
8. Dithering (Feat. G. Bush Jr.) (4:45)
9. Cold in the Earth (3:39)
10. Colors: (4:57)
11. My Spirit Freed at Last (7:09)
12. Incantation (4:11)
Total: 58:26

For more information contact Dead Scarlet Records or visit Forkys on MySpace. Japan distribution is made possible by Cure Distribution.

As part of my quest to monetize the site (or at least cover server & Pepsi Nex costs required to keep me online) , I have signed up with This appears to be a similar style of service to another company mentioned in an earlier post, and as part of the registration process I need to write a quick piece on‘s service.

At the moment, I can honestly say that this is a nice idea, but wonder how well it will work in practice. I know there are a couple of opportunities looking for either Japanese or Goth/alt posters, which works well here. I look forward to seeing how the relationships develop. It would be very nice to be blogging as a side-business! I would not expect millions of yen doing Blogverts (haha), but a few thousand yen from

Ah, I love this new set-up. Multiple events locked down into one post! Below are a list of events at Club Chop in Ikebukuro that may be worth checking out.

Where: Club Chop
Address: Floor B1, 2-46-3 Ikebukuro Toshimaku, Tokyo 171-0014 :: 〒171-0014 東京都豊島区池袋2丁目46−3 :: Map

Sunday December 2 :: Metal Night!
Live: Breed of Darkness, Crucified, Black Pearl, Wisdom, Tyrant of Mary, Breaved.
Open: 17:00 :: Start 17:30
Prices 1,500 yen adv. :: 1,500 yen @ door.

Wednesday, December 5 :: General gig with Twisted Clock/Calmando Qual in the line up. Dears is kind of an interesting band as well.
Open: 18:00 :: Start: 18:30
Price: 1,500 yen adv. :: 1,800 yen @ door.

Tuesday, December 25 :: General gig with The Lechery from Mars and Cannibal Rabbit.
Open: 18:00 :: Start: 18:30
Price: 1,500 yen adv. :: 1,800 yen @ door.

Monday, December 31 :: All night general gig with some interesting players
Open: TBA, but it is an overnight event so remember your ID.
Price: 0

Gothika :: 120 Days of SodomGothika (MySpace) will be conducting its third European tour in December with appearances in Greece, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Finland and Russia! The band also released its first full CD, 120 Days of Sodom, on September 15 this year – I must get my hands on a copy. If you are interested in getting a copy for yourself they are available at J Music Store.

Tour Information:

2007/12/14 (Fri) Athens, Greece @ Underworld Club
2007/12/15 (Sat) Lahr, Germany @ Universal D.O.G. -Dark Dance Treffen-
2007/12/16 (Sun) Barcelona, Spain @ BeCool
2007/12/19 (Wed) Paris, France @ Le Klub
2007/12/20 (Thu) Brussels, Belgium @ The Windows
2007/12/21 (Fri) Helsinki, Finland @ Gloria
2007/12/22 (Sat) Moscow, Russia @ Relax Club

CD Information:
Gothika :: 120 Days of Sodom 120 Days of Sodom :: Track List
01. Nazareth
02. Elflock
03. Girl Inferno
04. fata morgana Android
05. Lage Kokeshi Doll
06. Beyond God and Evil
07. Hair Cut Millennium
08. Mitsu-Getsu-Ka
09. I’m sorry for my birth.
10. Alexa
Available at J Music Store.

Baal Japan Location: Tokyo, Japan – Genre: Industrial, Metal, Electro

Baal has an infectious, indeed virulent industrial sound. This review covers the first EP (CD-R alas) from the band, Territory of B.A.A.L. that has been built up by reworking earlier singles and new material. Their blend of industrial programming and guitar from Mikito, percussion from Chihiro and voice from U-Tarou has resulted in a kind of cybernetic industrial rock that plays hard, fast and is very, very addictive to see on stage. This CD manages to capture the live sound very closely, giving you a glimpse into the heady world of Japanese underground rock.

The CD contains six songs, all running at a frenetic pace. The first song, Bloody Logic Communication (re-mastered), speedballs along with the heavily warped digital sounds and powerful percussion giving a sense of urgency. U-tarou’s powerful voice plays over the instruments.

Wreckage (re-mastered) plays like an industrial anthem for the underclass with U-tarou exploding through the chorus and carries it through the verses.

Vermin (new track) is hard and powerful from the start with vocals exploding seconds into the track and driving through the violent beat of the track.

Myrrha (new track) is more a smashed-up rhythm created by real industrial sounds with samples steam hammers and chains. It is a slower track by this album’s standards.

On the Surface (2006 neo brutal version) starts slow, but builds up to very heavy (and yes it is brutal) sound, with a fast tempo and stacks of power.

The final track, Collapse of Rusty Kingdom (New) would be a moonlit ballad by Baal’s standards, with a slower tempo with steam hammers and the like forming the sound. It is a slow(er) instrumental track which makes a perfect finish to this adrenalin-pumping EP.

The only downside to this is the price – 2,000 yen – 12 Euros – $16 – which seems a bit expensive for an EP. Of course, for a fan, or appreciator of good hard industrial sounds, the price would not be an issue.

Overall, while I have enjoyed Baal’s previous work, I see this as a much more mature piece of work. The re-mastered tracks and the new additions have helped deliver a balanced EP from a band that has risen quickly in the ranks of the Japanese Goth scene.

Baal JapanTerritory of “B.A.A.L.” :: Track List
1. Blood_Logic_Communication (re-mastered) – 4:40
2. Wreckage (re-mastered) – 5:40
3. Vermin (new) – 4:06 – Sample
4. Myrrha (new) – 2:15
5. On the Surface (2006 neo brutal version) – 6:24 – Sample
6. Collapse of Rusty Kingdom (New) – 3:22
Total: 27:21

Note, there are more samples throughout their regular site and via their MySpace site.

You can buy the CD through PayPal. To get there, just click the link marked “Sound” on the left-hand side of the page and you should see the EP in the resulting page.

[Industrial and more!] This event it is definitely worth going to. The previous two Junk Baptisms even inspired Igor’s poetic side, which is a very rare thing indeed – perhaps this is a good thing. The truth is that Junk Baptism represents the alignment of hard electro-industrial units with past events including performances from Baal, Despair, Demonoid 13 (DJ Doomspider’s band) and Scorpian’s Death Rock. Get gothed up or industrialized and prepare for an exciting night.

BSL Junk BaptismThis time the lords of hard-techno-industrial, Despair, will be playing wih Utero Zzz Aaa, referred to as an industrial noise terrorists by one of Igor’s cohorts. So the live acts will be crashing waves of non-stop industrial sounds! They will be supported by DJ’s Kenzo A (Gadget., Stigmata), Raveman (Aural Vampire) and guest DJ Hecate from Switzerland.

Remember this is an all night event so you will need a photo ID to get in (people under 18 and/or high school students will not be permitted entry.

When: December 8, 2007 :: Junk Baptism #3
Where: Motion Shinjuku
Address: 5F Just Bldg. 2-45-2 Kabuki-Cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo :: 新宿区歌舞伎町2-45-2ジャストビル5F :: Map :: Google Map
Tel: 03-6825-5858
Live: Despair, UTERO ZZZ AAA (Osaka extreme noise)
DJ’s: Kenzo-A (from Stigmata) and Raveman (from Aural Vampire)
Guest DJ: Hecate (from Switzerland)
Open: 24:00
Price: 2,000 yen adv. :: 2,500 yen @ door

Territory-D’s Black Veil, Osaka’s main event, will be holding its second new year countdown party at Club Neo Osaka. Details will be announced later.

When: December 31, 2007 :: Black Veil Countdown
Where: Club Neo
Address: B2, It Bldg., 2-18-9 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka :: 大阪市中央区西心斎橋2-18-9 ITビルB2F :: Map
Tel: ???
Live: TBA
Performance: TBA
Open: TBA :: Start: TBA
Price: TBA