Hey folks. Sorry for the long time offline. The last few weeks or months have been a bit scary and I have even avoided going online. Basically it seems as though somebody has been breaking into my place on a regular basis (daytime and night) and it has been going on for weeks despite improving security a bit. I don’t know for sure – things are moved around a bit and lots of stuff looks like it has been rifled through on numerous occasions, but nothing physical has been stolen, yet. It has me a bit freaked because, apart from lots of small things hinting someone is around while I am out (or out like a light), there really isn’t much to show. I reached the conclusion this morning that either I am experiencing some kind of delusion (btw. the rest of the world seems just dandy), or there is a real pro (or experienced amateur or a group of pros) about. I hope I’m just jumping at my own shadows, but I am afraid that the shadows aren’t connected to my body.

Anyway, I decided that rather than obsessing about this 100% of the time, that I would try to get back in the scene as best I can. I don’t have the energy at the moment to go full-on event-handling (and I have to pick up the rest of my life too), so I’ll post Goth things when I can and try to keep the unknown fears at bay.

Hugs to all friends, family, acquaintances and people not invading my home.

PS – I *know* this sounds all very psychotic, but there are too many little weirdnesses going on for me to quietly sit in a corner.