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[Alt-rock etc.] Gadget. are back into live action again with another show @ Orgasm. It looks like the guys have gotten a new axman, Junpe (AKA Red Show). Gadget. have a sexy retro-funked out rock style going on and have done a number of Tokyo Dark Castle events. Definitely a band worth checking out.

Orgasm @ Live Freak
Open: 17:20 :: Start: 17:50
Live: Gadget. (info), B-Out, Flag, A Silent Spring, Soul Red Jam and more

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Tokyo Perve, Tokyo Decadance and Alamode Night all rolled together in one night. Lots of live stuff including Lloy, Aural Vampire, Despair. Lots of shows including

Fancy some insanity? You cannot go past a dose of Switch Bladerz’ psychobilly! I saw these guys in Tokyo and they are one wild gamboling ride of an act to see. They will be pulling an all-nighter with nine other bands and a triplet of DJ’s at the King Cobra’s No Money Night – well it costs 2,500 yen, but starting at 20:30 means you will get a lot for your yen!

No Money Night @ King Cobra OSAKA
Open/Start: 20:30
Live: Switch BladerZ (info), ゲンドウミサイル, SxOxB, DICE FOR LIGHTS, R.O.M, 足軽, xx, PSYCOLOCKS, バラケチE

Twisted Clock (ex. Calmando Qual) are back from Europe and have a good-looking night set up with The Sound Bee HD, dibs and others. Should be a fun night for alternative indy rock, from Gothy to grungy. Cool.

Twisted Clock @ Chop
Open: 18:00 :: Start: 18:30
Live: Twisted Clock – ex. Calmando Qual, The Sound Bee HD, Cannibal Rabbit, Spank and dibs.

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A quick announcement for Harshrealm, a harsh electronicka unit in Fukuoka. The band has impressed me with the quality and scope of the sound (nice and clean to nice and gritty). Anyway… I don’t know about the other bands, but for Fukuokans, any Harshrealm gig is worth checking out.

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[The Damned!] How can you say no to tribute to the aging, sexy bastards who delivered unto us the first punk single of all time, The Damned. Yep, I’m up for some Japanese variants of old Drac vocals and Sensible tutus! How about you?

It is a good chance to get a gawk at good indy bands outside the main Gothic knots in Tokyo town like Seaside Suicide, The Cranks and The Lechery From Mars. These guys will be joined by The Blank Generation, Filthy and The Vanians (this might be a one-off mash-up of other bands). I think I’m gonna be drinking about my baby at this one.

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UPDATE! Mess will include special guest performances from France and Yugoslavia – Verice and Dorian. See flier below!

[Goth - Fetish - Industrial - DJ & Live] The Mess is promising a big night before the Golden Week holidays set in with the return of Chaos Royale, the three regular Midnight Mess DJ’s, a trio of Mess Dolls on show and more.

Midnight Mess is a hot event and one of the main regular Goth events in Tokyo, taking place on the fourth Saturday of every month. Mess’ is a mix of live, DJ and performance and the general sound-scape is Gothic, fetish, dark, experimental and industrial. Recommended as a launch point for newbies and quite a nice place to go to on a regular basis.

Chaos Royale is described as Breakcore Gothic Hip-Hop vs. Noise Ragga vs. Avant-Hard, but what that means is some heavy thumping shit that you will love. He also has a propensity for breaking bones and sound equipment so you know he’s laying it on the line.

The Mess Dolls… Not sure what they will be up to, but knowing Maya it could be quite a show.

Finally there will be a 10% booth from CD-Gold plus the regular kick-ass DJ’ing.

As always with overnight events, entry is 18+ and drinking is 20+ (remember your ID).

JGoth Bonus If you forget to book, just say you are on the JGoth list and get the pre-book discount!

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[Dark wave-Goth-rock-glam-cyber] This is a special night as it will be the last night for Sadie to perform as Jet Pepper Tower’s drummer. Sadie, the front man for Speecies/Jubilee, will be smacking the skins one final time before focusing on his core projects once again. Both bands are worth checking out and will be accompanied by Asylum, a haunting mix of piano and vocals going from the melancholic to psycho dramatic.

JPT & Speecies @ Yaso KYOTO
Open: TBA
Live: Speecies (info), Jet Pepper Tower (info), Asylum.

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[Glam-Industrial-Electro-New Wave] Cyberchild Sadie is back in Japan and riding at the front of the Speecies retro sound machine. Aside from Speecies, there will also be Damage with some very addictive trance-acid punk sound and Sodom from Tokyo. Should be a fun night.

Night Interview @ Pipe 69 Osaka
Live: Speecies (info), Damage, Sodom.

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[Electrock gets serious industrial] Electrock is always a good-value event with edgier bands, but the Machine Explosion is looking particularly tasty with harsh industrial from Ruin Close Reptile, very harsh industrial from Despair, hard pulsing rock from Die!!Die!!Color!!! and more.

Despair and Die!!Die!!Color!!! = 2 screaming An(n)as (one industrial, the other hard rock) – yay!

Machine Explosion @ Shibuya Cyclone
Open: 18:00 :: Start: 18:30
Live: Die!!Die!!Color!! Ruin Close Reptile, Despair, Japanese Babies, inSect, Akira Death

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