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Aural Vampire's Exo Chika is NUMBER 1What have the punters been gawking at the past 12 months? Well… Aural Vampires, Violets, Spooks, Blood, Psydolls and Brand 0s as of December 14, 12:55 JST – but this could change overnight. Here are the top 10 pix as of THIS MOMENT!

To see the full-sized pictures just click the thumbnails below.

Note: The number 8 picture was actually taken at the end of December 2005, but qualifies as it is less than 12 months’ old.

1. Aural Vampire :: Exo Chika @ Agent Murder’s Murder TV (250 views)
   Aural Vampire

2. DJ Violet! @ Tokyo Dark Castle #17 (234 views)
   DJ Violet

3. Selia @ Tokyo Dark Castle #17 (219 views)

4. Brand 0 @ Vengeance for Blood (209 views)
   Brand 0

5. Brand 0 @ Vengeance for Blood (197 views)
   Brand 0

6. Blood @ Vengeance for Blood (194 views)

7. Aural Vampire :: Exo Chika @ Agent Murder’s Murder TV (190 views)
   Aural Vampire

8. Psydoll @ Swastika Nite (189 views)

9. Candy Spooky Theater @ Vengeance for Blood (188 views)
   Candy Spooky Theater

10. Candy Spooky Theater @ Vengeance for Blood (187 views)
   Candy Spooky Theater

Switch BladerZ Up now! A short series of photos of Switch BladerZ, speedballing psychobilly from Osaka, when they performed in Tokyo last September. Cheers to all who made it to that event – very rare to catch an almost exclusively Osakan Goth event in Tokyo.

Switch BladerZ is one crazed riot of sound and energy worth tracking down wherever it is! Check out Switch BladerZ (info).

More pictures coming up soonish…

I am still looking at code and pressing buttons to see what they do again, but a few items have been added including the first batch of new events in Tokyo and Osaka.

Sat. 16 Dec. 2006 :: Tokyo :: Club Walpurgis – ANtiChRiSt xXmAsS
Tue. 19 Dec. 2006 :: Tokyo :: Auto-Mod and Lloy in Immigrant Haus #4 Bloody Xmas
Fri. 22 Dec. 2006 :: Osaka :: Switch BladerZ in Viva La Slap
Sun. 24 Dec. 2006 :: Tokyo :: Club Inferno

Aside from working out what does what, and resetting parts of the site so they actually work again, I also have a bucketload of spam in my mail box – this might mean replies to mail will be delayed until I go through all the enhancement offers, stock advice, etc. 15,000 items and counting…

How much suckier can things get for you guys? I know Yokosuka lost post-1 a.m. drinky rights in January, but this is going across the nation. Now everyone gets to have a really bad time in Japan…

An absolute bastard for all-night Gothing to be sure – you’ll be sober half-way through an event! Still, as long as they still let you get out there and get crazy overnight things are cool.

This is my first time back at the keys – blah.

Feel New! Feel Moist!
Igor’s back and once the damage has been surveyed and some broken bits stuck together things shall start shambling back into motion once more on Meanwhile, you good folks should start preparing the social lubricant, moisturizers, or whatever it takes for the final parties of the year.

Yes… Parties. Great big, clanging, mashing, parties. I ask for your indulgence for a week as I get things back together, but the events should be worth waiting for.

A special thanks goes out to Zac for doing so much work over the past few months to keep things on an even keel. You’re a freaking navvy! I will keep Apologist high on the list of bands to follow into 2007.