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Blood is back in Tokyo mixing up the Goth-industrial with the darker side of kei in Blood Extra #4. This event is looking more Goth-oriented than the last Blood Extra (that had Despair) with the power-femme industrial from BAAL and some good dark Osakan theatre with Rose de Reficul et Guiggles. Blood with be cusping in the middle, and there will be performances from Suicide Ali and The Candy Spooky Theater on the more kei-ish side. DJ Chihiro from TDC will be spinning (or whatever it is that digital DJ’s do) between sets so it should be quite fun.

The crowd will probably be a mix of Gothic-Lolita types (generally quieter with hand movements), and quite a number Baal-following Goth-types (lots more noise). Follow the noise brethren for the most fun!

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[Industrial Technoiz, Powernoiz, Dark Rythmic Noiz] NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! (which band did that?). This is another instalment of the Sequence or Die series brought to you by Ordinateur (Takashi Koyamaguchi), who has previously brought out happening international acts like Mimetic and Iszoloscope. This year will see Ordinateur bringing S:cage, the label mate of ant-zen in Canada. Ordinateur and S:cage will be joined by Nagoyan ant-zen contingent Contagious Orgasm and Tokyo-based Government Alpha! Lacing the night’s acts together will be DJ Statik.

This event will also be the launch event of Ordinateur’s first album.

Agent Murder[Goth - Whitecore - Metal] Two of my favorite bands to scream to are (I shit you not), Agent Murder and Suicide Squad. Many of you Goth-only folks probably don’t know Suicide Squad, but this is power core adrenilin rush stuff. You will like them. The Murder boys are dark princes in the scene, but deliver speed-balling metal to crash any party. Run Jewelry and Sugar are new to me, but Awi can usually be relied upon to pick out some damned fine bands. There is also Auto-Mod (yes, the TDC core) will also be up as special guests. Looking hot the whole way through.

For those of us who are un-Goth, let me say, this is one of those nights you won’t feel out of place if you have your street gear on. This is your entry point. Bring earplugs (just in case), and prepare for four hours of hot underground music.

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Stigmatic[Hard LOUD Goth - DJ'd] I have been pretty impressed with the Nagoyan scene in 2006 with a good number of dark-hearted events cropping up since January (by Nagoyan standards). September is no exception with Nagoya’s Goth-master Doom Spider letting rip with another overdose of the Stigmatic scene. Remember kids… Doom Spider likes his parties loud!

Soundwise DoomSpider is harsh EBM industrial Goth with flourishes of lighter sounds mixed in. He’ll be joined by VenoMoth (aka Sister Levi) doing femme-future and elektro-Goth, and riz-K with elektro-clash. 25 people pre-booking for the event will receive a special Doom Spider mix CD – these mixes are bitchin’ so I recommend buzzing your booking ASAP!

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[Punk/Goth/Alt Fashion Fest with Live Music] Peeps who know gadget. and Geeks should definitely know lead man Kenzo Amishiro. But did you know he also has a couple of underground fashion brands? Well he does. Called Stigmata and the Addiction both will be featured at this event. Aside from getting to see an underground fashion show with skegs of designers there is also some special live acts including Baal!

From Kenzo-A:
It’s a fashion show and live music and DJ and more!!
My brands the Stigmata and the Addiction are in it too!!!

If you’re interested in Tokyo’s Punk/ Goth/ Rock/ Alternative Fashion and happen to be in Tokyo, this is the event to go. I’ll see you there!! Ohhh, come come! Ahhh hi!

Just buzz Kenzo from there.

Flyer site

JGoth Event Details

Hell YEAH! This is one bitching event my Osakan friends!

[Crossover Dark Field] A hot new event in Osaka organized by renowned Kansai Goth DJ Elmina. The live acts are rocking. From Osaka there is glammy Goth rock from Speecies (the current project of Jubilee’s Sadie), hard, moody stuff from Jet Pepper Tower. From Nagoya there is the dark industrial unit Bionic O.P. and extreme experimental performance from The Autopsy Report of Drowned Shrimp. A very nice mix of acts for Osakan adventurers.

[sin:kwai] Vol 1. (info ) @ club Alive!
Where: Club Alive
Address Shinsaibashi OSAKA (nr Shinsaibashi Station, Midosuji Line) 5F., 2-4-4 East Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Tel: 06-6213-8585
Cost: 2,000 yen adv. :: 2,500 yen @ door
When: Sat. 23rd September
Open: 17:30 :: Start: 18:00
Live: Speecies (info), Jet Pepper Tower (info), Bionic O.P. (info), The Autopsy Report of Drowned Shrimp (info).
DJ’s: Elmina

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Ana [Alt-rock Live] Geeks is hot. How hot? Ana from Despair and Kenzo from gadget. – Fear-factor industrial meets hard-retro groove. There should be laws against a combination this sexy.

I cannot say much about the other bands, but I do like the name Cannibal Rabbit… Besides, Geeks is a hot unit and any event with them in the line up is worth checking out.

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[Goth - Fetish - Industrial - DJ & Live] Four damned years… or is it four years of the damned? Either way, Ms. Maya has been holding her regular public nocturnal event for a long time by local Goth-scene standards – expect 4YMM to be bigger and crazier than normal.

Lots of things happening including lots of mayhem, plenty of harsh noise and possible destruction of the club from Chaos Royale, binding and knotting show from master Mira Kurumi, a bit of a dance performance and DJ onslaught by TE2, Statik and the mistress of the night, Maya. Oh, yes. People seeking out the divine Sisen will find him in the CD Gold Shop booth.

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[Gothy-alternative - Live] An art-pub style event mixing a range of bands and performances that you might not have seen at other Goth events in Tokyo. Along with the live shows there are various art exhibits in the lower labyrinthine level of Head Power.

The event on the 22nd is worth an extra mention by virtue of the presence of Zombie Lolita, or one of its permutations to be exact, and The Neutron Ego Tape who do a few darker nights around the traps. Full details.

The 29th event is a little beyond my realms of Goth and might be more a Goth-Lolita-style live (not visual kei, just a bit lighter). Worth checking out for Shgingguapoura’s more fetishy rock act. Full details

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