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[Gothy-alternative - Live] An art-pub style event mixing a range of bands and performances that you might not have seen at other Goth events in Tokyo. Along with the live shows there are various art exhibits in the lower labyrinthine level of Head Power.

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Harshrealm is a dark, sexy mix of mode-grind electronicka from Fukuoka. Folks in Fukuoka and Kumamoto are recommended to checking out these events.

Fukuoka on the 20th.
Kumamoto on the 26th.

[Goth - Fetish - Industrial - DJ & Live] Midnight Mess is one of the main regular Goth events in Tokyo taking place on the fourth Saturday of every month. Information on live acts will be updated when information is available.

Mess’ general sound-scape is Gothic, fetish, dark, experimental and industrial.

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Agent Murder :: Murder TV Pictures[Goth and Hard Core] This is the Igorian event of the month!!

A full set of Agent Murder is always grand. It’s speed-balling metal with heavy Gothic overtones. But an Agent Murder-organized event is even better! Tonight is no exception with support from Mamono, a very hot act themed on escaped robots. They play great and the girl mosh pit that usually ensues is mayhem.

They will be joined by the more operatics Phantasmagoria and a newish name to me, Stylish Franken (sounds like good heavy stuff though), and possibly a name, G.

Take a squizz at Murder TV pics :: Thumbnail list :: AM’s Gizenrou review.

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[General Rock - Live] This gets a quick hoot for the involvement of the dark-tinged alternative rock act, Cut the Crap. The other bands tend to be good general pub rockers (that’s right… it sure as heck ain’t Goth!), although The Digital City Junkies are worth noting for pumping their sounds with aggression and agro.

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Club Walpurgis[Goth - DJ'd] Club Walpurgis began as a Goth/Punk club in the 1980s and became a kind of underground Mecca in its day. 18 years after the original club closed down Walpurgis returned as a regular event in 2005 with a heavy emphasis on 80′s alternative, glam, Gothic, industrial and electroclash. Club Walpurgis plays every third Saturday of the month.

The music styles on offer include new wave, Gothic, Neo-Goth, glam, punk, EBM, elektro, industrial and more. Tonight features DJ Violet as guest DJ!

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[Goth/Gothic-Lolita] Get another dose of the grim tales from Vex along with your Goth-loli fix at Aoi Heya. Don’t worry, these Gothic Lolitas are on the dark side with an emphasis on Goth.

Those who enjoy Alamode-style nights, or just wanting to find a darker GL-style event, should find this one worth a look-see. I am not sure if this event is dress-coded, but I would recommend getting your more stylish Goth, GL, etc. outfit out.

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[Club Goth - DJ] Khimaira’s back into the swing of things to give you a monthly dose of Sunday-evening Goth at Club Inferno. Inferno’s Khimaira was the force behind Danse Macabre so this permutation of the event is a resurrection of sorts of the Vertige evenings that took place from on Sundays. I only got to enjoy Vertige once, but it was yummy.

Just 2,000 yen gets you entry, two drinks (yes two) and a special mix CD (may be limited). Considering drinks are 500 yen a pop at most events, you are only paying 1,000 yen entry – totally awesome.

The sound-scape is Gothic, death rock, positive punk, dark wave, dark electro, technoiz and more.

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Alamode[Gothic Lolita/Goth Live & DJ] Alamode Night is a popular event that is either a Gothic Goth-Loli event or a Goth-Loli Gothic event – take your pick. Why do I emphasise this? Because Goth-Loli is not necessarily Goth, but Alamode has pedigree with live acts from Seirenes and Aural Vampire along with DJing from Sisen/Violet and Wakana. Besides this there is a lot going on with performances, dance, exhibition booths, etc. so you should find quite a lot to keep you amused for the whole night.

I would recommend making more effort in dressing up for this event, and don’t worry about going overboard as you cannot overdress when Violet is around! Also remember the ID as this is an overnight event.

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[Uber Goth - Osaka style] Osaka’s master Goth, Taiki of Territory-D, was dabbling with his lighter side earlier this year, but has (thankfully) returned to the darkness over the past two months. Midnight Necropolis’ return venture is Summer of Darkness. As per previous outings the night promises Gothic electro, industrial, EBM and a spot of future pop with regular DJ’s Taiki (D-Grimore), Non and Syarma. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!

Despair’s Rieu will be doing a guest spot of DJ’ing and there will be a special performance from The Baroness from Australia’s Opera Macabre. Hopefully you know Rieu and Despair (shame on you if you don’t), but here is a quick note from The Baroness from Territory-D’s site:

Their unique brand showmanship and emotionally charged music is captivating. The audience is drawn into an extraordinarily intimate world by the brilliant vocal dexterity of The Baroness powering through a dynamic electro soundscape.

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