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Despair![Dark Electro-Industrial :: Cyber Noiz :: Gothic :: EBM :: Despair 2nd Mini Ablum Release - Live/DJ]

Industrial warfare returns to the streets of Tokyo!

Despair wants to rescan your brain!! Absolutely 100% the event of the month with Despair screaming, Despair releasing their long-awaited new CD (fuck yeah!), Osaka’s master of darkness, the legendary DJ Taiki (aka D-Grimoire from Territory-D), the poster-child of Tokyo’s dark scene DJ 666 Fox (aka DJ Violet and Sisen), and mistress of light and harsh sound mixing DJ Margath Orgia. Light the fuse, because this night is going to be explosive!

You will also be able to catch some of the other core members of the BSL group like Baal… and remember Jude (Sins of the Flesh) is now junk-boarding for Despair. This will be 100% dark-hard-cybernetic-rock-industrial. Are you screaming yet? You should be.

Book beforehand to save 1,000 yen from the ticket price (1,500 yen adv. :: 2,500 yen @ door)! You can contact Despair, BSL or Baal for tickets. Jude (Despair) is on so you can always send him a private message or something.

Despair’s new CD: The new mini-album, Desereted Technology Riot, will feature five tracks and weighs in at 1,500 yen. Drooling fans can pick this up on the night (two weeks before you can pick it up at CD Gold or Territory).

IMPORTANT – Remember your ID: You need a picture ID to get in (no under-18s and no high-school kids). Even 60 year olds get checked – so DO NOT FORGET YOUR ID!

Brain Scan Laboratory’s Junk Children (info) @ Motion Shinjuku TOKYO
Open: 24:00
Live: Despair (info)
DJs: 666Fox (aka Violetinfo), Taiki (aka D-Grimore of Territory-Dinfo), Margath Orgia
Other: Includes special gift items for attendees :: Despair release of new CD!


[Goth - Fetish - Industrial - DJ & Live] Midnight Mess is one of the main regular Goth events in Tokyo taking place on the fourth Saturday of every month. So why the fuck is it on today? I don’t know, but it looks like Maya’s resurrected her two-month event plan… or this is part of the 4th anniversary revelry. Either way, here’s the first of two messes for your month.

Mess’ general sound-scape is Gothic, fetish, dark, experimental and industrial. As always with overnight events, entry is 18+ and drinking is 20+ (remember your ID).

Full details

Despair!After a long, long wait for Despair fans, the next mini-album is set to launch at Junk Children #2 at Motion, Shinjuku on September 9th! My fingers are atrembling with the thought! MUST… GET… CD…. BEFORE… TOO…. LATE.

I know the guys are pumping in overtime to get this puppy out and onto the floor for release day – nothing, short of thermonuclear war or Control-Alt-Delete, will hold them back! It is a launch that must come GO!

Toxicity levels are set of overdrive with Rieu, Jude and Ana laying out five tracks to assault your senses:
1. Jarring God
2. MPD Conflict
3. Filth Pig
4. Junk War
5. Mechanical Rabies

Those not turning up to the event on the 9th will just have to hang around outside CD-Gold (Tokyo) or Territory (Osaka) until the 22nd of September when the general release date is set.

I fully recommend turning up to the event, because you will get smacked front-on with the full live assault of the new material then! That’s right, Despair will be IN YOUR FACE with the new sound.

More info:
Despair (info)
Junk Children Event News :: Junk Children Event Full Info (Sep. 9)

Switch BladerZ [Goth-Psychobilly Live] A must-see event for all denizens of Tokyo. Why? Quite simply Osaka has madder, better underground parties! Three acts hailing from Western Japan in one event plus more bands to be announced! Phantasmagoria will haunt you. Rose de Refieal And Switch BladerZ will totally blow you apart with three axes and mad-ass vocal delivering speed-balling psychobilly assault. Other bands will also be playing, but these are all I know just at the moment. For a big Friday dark event it also comes at a great price – 1,500 yen advance!

Mina Spookycat, ax-man for the Switch BladerZ gives a bit of an introduction:
Swicth BladerZ has a very unique psychobilly sound.
Psychobilly, Hardcore, Gothic, Batcave…
Of course we use the wood bass.
The bassist and the drummer are musicians of the staunchness.
They are in PsychoBilly scene for ten years or more.
The vocalist is a person of the mystery in all!
He is a genuine tattoo master, and “ukiyoe” painter.
He was a noise musician since he was 14 years old!
He played with Japanese famous noise or hardcore musician like Solmania, Outo, Hanatarashi…
I enjoy playing with this unique band.

Sound good? It should! If you want to book with the band give Mina a buzz:
nega [at] tc4 [dot]
Or PM him a message – his profile page is here.

Full details here

Tokyo Dark Castle [Uber Goth - LIVE&DJ!!] After a month off during Tokyo’s sweaty mid-summer, the main event is back. It seems that Auto-Mod, Destruct System (DS cannot play this time) and Baal have become the house bands of TDC. Is this good or bad? Not bad for first-time or irregular TDC-goers, but regulars who are looking for a brand new experience every TDC may be a bit disappointed. What do you think?

Aside from the regulars, there is also Cut the Crap (hell yeah!), The Neutron Ego Tap and Phantasmagoria (there is a VK band by the same name, but this one is the Goth one!).

Full details here.

Chorna Rada[Japanese Goth in Kiev Event] Props to Phantasmagoria for being selected to play at Kiev’s Chorna Rada: Children of the Night III, the Ukraine’s biggest Gothic festival.

About the Chorna Rada: Deti Nochi Festival (since 1999)

The festival “Chorna Rada: Children of the night” is the oldest festival in the Gothic-industrial scene in the former USSR, and has managed to gather large numbers of visitors since its beginning in the late 1990′s. That’s why it is labeled as the biggest Gothic/dark event of the ex-USSR” and “dark Slavic gathering.”

Double props to the Chorna Rada folks for selecting a band that actually plays in the Goth scene in Japan!

People turning up to see Phantasmagoria can expect classical-influenced music coupled with haunting vocals. Show them some world-Goth love and help more Japanese bands get out there!!

On a side-note Spanish outfit Charlotte’s Shadow who were mentioned earlier this year on will also be playing at the event. Two w00ts! for you guys!

Current, officially bands for the event are:

Ukraine: Komu Vnyz (Kiev, Gothic industrial), Holodne Sonze (SolarIce), (Ternopil, Gothic rock / love metal), Dust Heaven (Odessa, Gothic synth), Inferno (Kiev, Gothic metal), Error:Genesis (Kiev, dark electro / EBM / industrial).
Japan: Phantasmagoria (Hyogo/Tokyo, J-rock / Japan Gothic)
Sweden: Severe Illusion (Sweden, EBM / industrial / electro)
Spain: Charlotte’s Shadow (Spain, Gothic rock)
France/Israel: Kreuzer (France/Israel, martial / rythm’n'noise / experimental / power noise / dark ambient)
Belarus: Prophetic Dream (Belarus, cyber-Gothic-electro), Vis Essentialis (Belarus, Gothic metal)
Russia: TBA.

More info:
Phantasmagoria (info)
Charlotte’s Shadow (info)
Chorna Rada: Deti Nochi Festival (info)

[Live/DJ] Switch BladerZ are making their way to Tokyo for an all night event with Lloy and other Tokyo acts. It is on a Thursday, so be ready to mainline your caffeine for work the next day. Switch BladerZ is an adrenaline-rush psychobilly band with a lot of alt-crazy-cred (check the forums – Mina Spookycat has a nice intro to the band there). Lloy is a more moody band that can be found at a number of general and darker live events. As to the other bands…. well I don’t know everything – sheesh. There will also be DJ’s and a few artists displaying their works around. Sounds cool.

Full details for members.

[Techno punk, alternative, elekronika - Live] A final w00t! for the dark cybernetic humanoids, Psydoll. Hell yeah. Well worth checking out to get a taste of darkness midweek – and the other bands sound interesting as a kind of punk-electronicka mix.

Full details here!

[Electro-rock/hard alternative] Not Goth, but plays nicely with emphasis on the electro and the rock (duh), and usually has a couple of acts from Tokyo’s darker side. With around eight acts each event, you will always get your money’s worth.

Tonight includes Japanese Babies, Sound Source, Kwik Kick Mummy Lee, Xenophobia, Far East Eclipse and muc more.

Full details.

[Loud and heavy!] Ex. Despair keyboardist, Seiji, has struck out as vocalist (power screamer) for heavy rock-metal-industrial band Morgue – and it is seriously powerful stuff. For dark heavy soundscapes these guys rock! Igor saw Morgue at one event and loved the sound – and this was before realizing the lead man was SEIJI! So Igor declares… it is worth checking out any of their events.

The Morgue lads are also convivial guys to boot, so you can talk to a star or two at the end of the show (English or Japanese)!

Full details here!