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[General Live] RIP’s angle remains a mystery, but they will be at Helluva Lounge with three other bands. It could be free or you may need to pay some coin.

Full details.

[General Hard-Alternative Rock] Organized by Demons – veteran hard rock/metallers who have done a couple of TDCs over the years – Evil Roll is one of those hard-edged events worth keeping an eyeball on. Keep a special eye on day 2 (August 9) as this is the one with toxic Goth industrialists Despair!

After checking the band list for the events I was impressed by the overall quality of these bands. Day 2 and 3 are probably more power-packed, but Day 1 has a lot going for it as well. Either way, I think if you make one or two ventures to this you will enjoy.

Day 1 :: August 8 :: Features Labs. The Basement (with one of Speed-iD’s number on drums), Demons and more! Full details.

Day 2 :: August 9 :: Features Despair, Demons, Muni Muni and more! Full details.

Day 3 :: August 10 :: Metal night with Apologist, Demons, Gunship666 and Unholy The 13th Preachers! Full details.

[Rock :: Live] Anyone from Sendai around here? I cannot comment on the other bands, but Cut the Crap is a hard alternative act with a lot of dark mojo. If you are in Sendai, I recommend checking it out for CTC alone.

Full details

Charlotte's ShadowThis was something in the e-mail box coming from left-field… and I like it. Charlotte’s Shadow is an act that originated from Dublin in 2001. They moved across to Germany for a year or so to cut their teeth on the underground movement there, and now are located in Spain. What? No mention of Japan? As long as it is good, Igor will give it a shot! The band have just released their new CD, Hush, and from the samplings available online I must say I like it!

While there are influences from their travels and development through Europe, it is the Irish origins that seem to give this band the gritty earthy undertones to their music. The album is very retro-Goth rock with a lot of extra carefully loaded in to give to accent the retro without dousing it in new wave. It has a lot of dark emo – romanticism, melancholy, despair and more of those emotions we love to mope over. It is not music that you would mosh to (although I haven’t seen their live show – btw they did Wave Gotik Treffen this year), but it is good brooding stuff. It just goes to show you, you don’t need to sound digital in this day and age to sound good.

Charlotte's ShadowCharlotte’s Shadow: HUSH

Track List
Wherever you are
Alive again
Take me away
So wrong
How can i tell you
Lonely life
Show me
Nothing is enough
To live forever

The album was released on June 1st, 2006 by The Art Records.
You can order the album from The Art Records (Spanish) or write to shadow70625 [AT] yahoo [DOT] com.

Charlotte’s Shadow are:
J.Catala: lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, programming
A.Avalos: bass
Blas Bernal: live supporting guitar

More Details:
Charlotte’s Shadow – German and English with samples (info)
The Art Records – Spanish (info)

I wonder what other people’s thoughts are on this album?

And now a quick message to Charlotte’s Shadow… Thanks for the mail – it was another refreshing side-track to my regular Japanese Goth madness. Can I ask for… a link to in return?

Thank yas!

- Igor

The DoseThe Dose is a free, downloadable PDF-zine covering topics ranging from industrial and gothic music to indie game development, Japanese visual kei, eyecandy, cyberpunkness and lots of things that give them the adrenaline freight train. Featuring over 140 pages of news, information, interviews and whatever else they threw in, The Dose is going to show you a big slice of Tokyo underground.

Issue 1 includes interviews with Abend Land, Aural Vampire, Baal, Blood, D’espairs Ray, DJ SiSeN, Euthanasie, Kenzo Amishiro, KK Null, Psydoll, Sunao Inami, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Angelspit, Blank, Colony 5, DJ Coppertop, DJ RAM, Headscan, Kumimonster, Mentallo & The Fixer, Pearry Reginald Teo (Director of THE GENE GENERATION), RAS DVA, Servo.Hatred, The Mercy Cage, Tankt, Xenophobe

Tokyo DJ top lists
Kenji Siratori on the Japanese CP scene
Tokyo tourism wih &
Lots of reviews
Labelbreaking Something To Listen To and A&F Music Management Cyberpunk recommendations and indie games
The works of Odegnál Róbert comic artist
Presenting Szuk Norbert and the Korszakváltó Team from Gyor, the land of applied art
And some more.

These Hungarians are mad-assed for producing 140+ pages of content, and Igor pays them the greatest of props. Igor alas, had to pass on an offer to write something for them due ongoing long-suffering issues with another publication that got a scatload of my services for free… If I could turn the clock back, I would have invested that 100 hours in The Dose – actually no, 20 hours for The Dose and 80 hours into my stuff. Sorry Dose peeps – hope I can do something later!

Get The Dose!

[Goth Industrial EBM - DJ'd] A late scream out for the fifth anniversary of Mirage! Featuring a mess of DJ’s and a prize giveaway @ around 1:40. Soundscape covers Gothic, new wave, industrial, EBM, positive punk, 80′s, 90′s and more.

Club Mirage Vol. 12 :: Fifth Anniversary @ Club Hoop Shinjuku
When: Saturday, 29th July
Open: 17.00 :: Start: 18.30
Where: Club Hoop :: Shinjuku TOKYO :: Details
Price: 2,500 yen adv. :: 3,000 yen @ door
DJ’s: Deco, Tetsu, Nagano, Statik and hAj.
Other: Fubiki lottery around 1:40.
Bookings: club-mirage [at] gol [dot] com

The absolute last event to be added in July is an interesting general gig with heavy spiritual rock outfit, Nebulae. Nebulae are a new band, but they have the right mix of flash and madness. I really enjoyed their set @ Electrock.

Nebulae @ Omiya Hearts Saitama
When: Monday, 31st July
Open: 18:00 :: Start: 18:30
Where: Omiya Hearts
B1 Kanko Bldg. 3-26 Nakacho, Omiya-ku, Saitama 330-0845 :: Map
Tel: 048-645-0162
Price: 1,500 yen adv. :: 1,800 yen @ door
Live: Rushester, n.e.r.o., OneTwo, 祁E(God or Gods), Nebulae.

A last-minute announcement for Harshrealm’s next gig in the dying moments of July. I cannot comment on the other bands, but Harshrealm has a great gritty mode-esque sound. I know there’s at least one Fukuokan reading – I hope more will join soon!

Harshrealm @ Drum Logos FUKUOKA
When: Sunday, 30th July
Open: 17:30 :: Start: 18:00
Where: Drum Logos :: FUKUOKA :: Details
Price: 2,000 yen adv. :: 2,500 yen @ door
Live: Harshrealm (info), Momen, The Runkers, and Day of Salvation.

Anders Manga :: Welcome to the Horror Show(U.S.A.) — Anders Manga has just completed his new album in a Charlotte, NC studio. This marks the second album this year to be released by Anders Manga.

Anders Manga commented The album, “Left of an All-Time Low” was just released in March and I was very happy with it… however, I hit a positive songwriting flow right after it was released. The songs on “Welcome to the Horror Show” just came so quick and natural that I couldn’t possibly wait until ’07 to get this out. I’m very exited about the new songs.

The first single and video for the album is yet to be determined but should be announced some time next month.

The album is expected to be released worldwide in August 2006 and a tour will follow.

In other news, Anders has been asked to play this year at the Eccentrik Festival along with Attrition, Ego Likeness & more. The festival will take place on October 09, 2006 in Raliegh, NC.

More info: Anders Manga Web site :: Anders Manga on MySpace
Source: Vampture Records (July 21, 2006)

[GOTH Big time!] Long-time Goth rock act Speed-iD have been getting back into the live scene since late last year and are now set to launch their new CD iNDEEP! Yes, it’s a release event. It is also unique in that Speed-iD is going to be playing the whole night! More details to come, but this is already the IGORIAN recommendation for the month. Check their music on MySpace!

iNDEEP DARKENED NITE 2006 @ Chop Ikebukuro TOKYO
When: Saturday 22nd July 2006
Open: 19:00 :: Start: 20:00
Where: Club Chop (nr Ikebukuro station)
Address: B1, Shema 100, 2-46-3 Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 171-0014 :: Map
Tel: 03-5951-1127
Live: Speed-ID (MySpace)