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[Goth - DJ] After a month break to thrash the music system at The Gate, Khimaira’s back to administer his regular dose of Club Inferno. Club Inferno takes place in Shibuya’s Shifty this month. Inferno’s Khimaira was the force behind Danse Macabre, so this permutation of the event is a resurrection of sorts of the Vertige evenings that took place from on Sundays. I only got to Vertige once, but it was quite a delicious way to spend a Sunday evening. The sound-scape is Gothic, death rock, positive punk, dark wave, dark electro, technoiz and more. Entry is 2,000 yen and includes two drinks and Khimaira’s mix cd, I believe!

Club INFERNO @ Bar Shifty Shibuya
When: Sunday, 9th July 2006
Open: 18:00
Where: Bar Shifty (near Shibuya)
Address: B1F, Pearl Bldg. 3-15-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo :: Map
Tel: 03-3407-0725
Price 2,000 yen (2D + Khimaira’s Mixed CD) – I think that means 2D is included in the price, but I’m not sure.
DJs: Khimaira, Satsuki

Psydoll[Digital - Analogue - Future Sound] While not a Goth event, I think this would be a nice concept match for dark cybernetic rock unit, Psydoll. The event explores more future rock sounds with digital/electronic, electronic-rock fusion. Definitely worth checking out for Psydoll alone – and at just 1,000 yen advance. Psydoll is up around 20:30.

Architectures Of Futurity

[Alternative/Hard Rock] Cut the Crap is a hot dark alternative act worth catching at Goth, alternative or anywhere! While most people who have seen CtC may remember the bassist best for her total domination of the instrument, the whole band totally rips shit up (take a closer look!). They will be joined by Jurassic Jade, a legendary Japanese heavy metal group that began in the 1980s. The third man for the night is Shing… but the night will be opened up by Morgue, the power metal unit headed by Despair’s old Junk keyboardist, Seiji. This is definitely an event worth slamming on the agenda – check it if you can.

Cut the Crap’s Vari-Tech #20 @ Chop, Ikebukuro
When: Friday, 7th July 2006
Open: 18:00 :: Start 18:30
Where: Club Chop (nr Ikebukuro station)
Address: B1, Shema 100, 2-46-3 Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 171-0014 :: Map
Tel: 03-5951-1127
Price 1,800 yen adv. :: 2,300 yen @ door
Live: Cut the Crap, Morgue, Jurassic Jade and Shing.

[Alternative Rock with Goth Edge] A good alternative to those unable to do the all-night Tokyo Dark Castle. Future Goths, Function Code(); will be appearing with moody Lloy and emo-alternative rockers 101A. I don’t know about Purp Muff. This looks like it is all femme-driven vocals – not as overridingly powerful as U-tarou from Baal, or Ana from Despair, but definitely carrying an attitude. This looks to be a very nice event indeed.

The Pet Plants v1.0 @ Chop Ikebukuro
When: Saturday, 1st July 2006
Open: 18:00 :: Start: 18:30
Where Club Chop
(nr Ikebukuro station)
Address: B1, Shema 100, 2-46-3 Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 171-0014 :: Map
Tel: 03-5951-1127
Price: 2,500 yen adv. :: 3,000 yen @ door
Live: function code();, lloy, 101A, Purp Muff

NichtI stumbled upon Nicht when going to Urga in Shinjuku for a dose of Goth at the end of last year. That night had a number of Japanese Goth bands playing including Phantasmagoria (Osaka), Psydoll and a couple of others. I missed Phantasmagoria, but was able to catch Psydoll who are cyber-Goth veterens. However, Nicht was a surprise, a very nice surprise.

The sound has a real meaty moodiness to it, something you can sink your teeth in with some rough rock-metal stuff and steam hammer samples ripped in there for good measure. The vocals are brooding and the lyrics are nicely deranged, reminding me of psycho-serial killer movies like Seven.

Nicht’s live show went off well with harsh lighting and the singer dressed in long leathers and a black cowboy hat, and the lead ax just ripping balls and flash onstage. My overall impression of the sounds and visuals was something like 80s Underworld when they had their first album (Underneath the Radar?).

Yep, I’m liking this outfit. I am still not sure how to rate these bands, but just to give an indication of how hot I think they are I have asked myself a few random questions.

:: Would I go to their shows? Hell yes.
:: Would I go to a show just for them? Probably. (June update: I already have)
:: Would I book tickets with the band? Yes.
:: Would I visit their site? Hell yes.
:: Listen to their sample music? Hell yes.
:: Buy their music? Yes. (June update: I already have)
:: Overall rating: Good

Hell, I went to Design Festa just to see them play in broad daylight – to be sure. And yes, I am sure – they rock!

Needless to say, Nicht will be featured a lot more on the calendar further into 2006 and it is a band worth following through the traps. I think they would go well with Goth, various flavors of rock, metal and electronic. They have grit, balls and lots of appeal.

Nicht will be a new face at Tokyo Dark Castle on July 1, but I know you will be enjoy!

Get more on Nicht:
Nicht homepage (includes samples)
Igor’s pictures of Nicht (registration required)

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Zombie Lolita[Gothic-alternative - Live] A stylish event mixing a range of bands and performances that you might not have seen at other Goth events in Tokyo. Along with the live shows there are various art exhibits in the lower labyrinthine level of Head Power.

Tonight’s highlight is Zombie Lolita (well one of their many permutations). Last time I saw a Zonrori show it was a cool mix of twisted teen-angst and kabuki-esque theater (Zombie Lolita pictures here – registration required).

Zombie Lolita in Toge Toge Tokagee by Daybook
When: Friday, 30th June 2006
Open: 18:00 :: Start: 18:30
Where: Head Power Shinjuku (nr. Shinjuku stn.)
Address: B1, 1-34-13 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 166-0002 :: Map
Tel: 03-3354-7727
Live: ぁE

Oi! Last minute announce for a very Euro-Goth night for ALL OSAKANS! Elopo-Night is an electronic music event and are having a WGT special on June 24 @ Club ど CORE. Starting at 8 p.m. the event goes all night and it is absolutely FREE! Sounds cool? Damned right. So here is the SCREAM…

About Elepo-Night: Elepo-Night is originally a non-profit electronic music event created by 12 Matrix and Picorin meant to promote synthpop, EBM, and electronic music in general, and recently have also added a gothic dimension as well. Here’s the Suki-Suki Elepo site.

About WGT special: Brought to you by DJ’s 12 Matrix, Picorin, Helvete, and guest DJ Mine, this edition features a special presentation and tribute to the German mega-fest Wave Gotik Treffen!

Elepo-Night WGT Special @ Do Core (Club ど CORE) OSAKA
When: Saturday, 24th June 2006
Start: 22:00 ~ next morning
Where: Do Core (Club ど CORE) – near Shimbashi Station OSAKA
Address: 2F 2-3-9 Sennichimae Chuo-ku, OSAKA Map
Price FREE!
DJ’s: 12 Matrix, Picorin, Helvete.
Guest DJ: Mine
Note: Since it is overnight you better bring your ID.

[Goth/Gothic-Lolita] Get a dose of the Vex and your Goth-loli fix at Aoi Heya. Gothic Lolita? I hear you say. Aren’t they those natty girls who love visual kei and hang out in Harajuku? Not these ones. This event is the dark side of GL, or more accurately the GL side of JGoth, where the music may not be rip-your-head-off industrial, but the night will be dark and cool.

The macabre maidens, Vexation, will be weaving their tales and neo-classical compositions, and will be joined by Koku Suyoku Sumire (Black Violet) and Quiet Noise.

Those who enjoy Alamode-style nights, or just wanting to find a darker GL-style event, should find this one worth snarking. I am not sure if this event is dress-coded, but I would recommend getting your more stylish Goth, GL, etc. outfit out.

Lolita Salon: Bitter Honey @ Aoi Heya Shibuya
When: Friday, 30th June 2006
Start: 19:00
Where: (7 min. walk from Shibuya station)
Address: B1F, Yachiyo Bldg., 2-12-13 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo :: Map
Tel: 03-3407-3564
Price: 2,300 yen
Vexation, Kokusyoku Sumire (Black Violet), QuietNoiz

[Fetsih-SM-Goth] Update! Information uploaded here. Khimaira’s Club Inferno is taking a rest this month, but he, along with Project Elektra’s A04 will be DJing at The Gate on June 24. What is The Gate? Well, it is one of the bigger parties on the S and M or fetishy spectrum – but the reason for the mention is the DJs above – Goth and Mode. I cannot link to the site because it classes itself as over 18 (which I cannot do due to this site’s Hosting requirements), but information can be found on the flyer below.