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BSL Junk BaptismBlood-stained gloves, gas masks and cattle prods greet the new slaves. Raw fear at the knowledge of their fate seeps into damaged brains. Re-animating the dead to serve the overlords of the final industrial revolution. Serving beyond the grave.

Death certificates already signed; the rights of the living are denied. Screams of the half-destroyed minds of society’s victims. Destinies sealed to exist in squalor, to serve the corrupted elite, to fight wars they did not understand, to test the latest nanites, to suffer until their bodies are ruined beyond repair.

The scientists rejoiced. The powerful nodded approval. Those on the edges applauded, simply glad to avoid the fate. The slaves hung their heads in the hazed knowledge that they were already born into hell. Even in final body death they served. Like the farms of the 20th century the bodies were reprocessed and served to the slave populace.

Some slaves escaped their fate. First-lifers and those who survived the re-animation with minds relatively intact. And there was always the madmen. All who escaped had only one place to go, wastelands.

In the wastelands surrounding the cities, the toxic landscape, cultivated from decades of man-made catastrophes, kept the elites in their urban cradle. In these areas where no-one else would dare venture, small communities of slaves developed. Death and pain are abundant, but one word keeps the slaves coming, Freedom.

Near the massive labor camps of what was once called Tokyo, a new escapee community has risen. Stealing decades-old technology from the ruins of the old city, the community has built a rogue lab to remove bio-circuit tags from the bodies of new arrivals and treat what can be cured. Known among the warlords controlling the area as Brain Scan Laboratory, it is viewed with fear as a challenge to the slaver system in the local region. The first riots ignited in the city three months ago.

Already named by historians as the Slave’s Midnight Riot, it is seen as the first direct attack on the elite since they took control decades earlier. Melting into the landscape after inciting the first of the Slave Riots, the guerrilla leaders have waged skirmishes at times and locations of their choosing.

The guerrilla leaders have already been marked for collection and reprocessing. The ex-slave units in charge of the first riots have been named in official and unofficial media: , Baal, Demonoid and Scorpions Death Rock. Individuals, including 666Fox, Undermine and Doom Spider have also been implicated.

Official reports within the warlord councils point to a new uprising likely to occur in late January. There appears to be a movement towards the new action in the URGA district no later than January 21, 2006. Unconfirmed reports suggest the rebels will be led by the unit known as Baal, with tactical support from 666Fox, Undermine and Margath Orgia from another underground unit known amongst sympathizers as Golgotha.

While the warlords are seeking to secure the zone surrounding URGA, matters have been complicated by continued unrest in this and other areas.

Kuro Neko BarIf you are not out to dance, but looking for a Gothy experience for New Year, then you might want to consider the [url=][b]Kuroneko Bar[/b][/url] Countdown party. Aside from the master’s fine array of drinks there will also be [i]soba[/i] noodles on offer.

Kuroneko is the only Goth bar in Tokyo. It is a cosy little place like those small bars you see hiding in nooks and crannies of Tokyo (perhaps 16 people can sit down), but it’s dedicated to Goth. Lots of tasteful black and red velvet, and Motoki (the bar master) is always convivial – he cannot speak much English, but is quite entertaining even if you don’t speak Japanese. The regular fees are 1,000 yen seating charge plus the drink cost – so be financially prepared if you like drinking. The bar has had monthly soba nights for quite some time and often attracts musicians in the local Goth scene.

Kuroneko is open every day (I thought it used to be six days…) from 9 pm. The later you turn up, the more interesting things become!

[url=][b]Kuroneko Bar[/b][/url]
4F, 2-15-9 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0075 :: [url=]Map[/url]
[b]Start:[/b] Sat. 31st December 20:00
[b]Entry charge:[/b] 1,000 yen
[b]Drinks:[/b] 600 yen ~
[b]Soba:[/b] 800 yen (it is damned good though)

Announcing the new release “Empire On the Sun” is available online now, with the new album out in 2006!

I love Anders Manga’s music. Dark and dancable with lots of retro synth layerings for good measure.


Thanks for supporting as it slowly rises from the ashes of JP Goth!

Now it is time to get geared for some final damnations of your own with the last Japanese Goth events for 2005… plus a few for the first week of 2006. Don’t worry, there will be plenty more coming in once the new year is here.

Special thanx:
A special tip of the chu-hi can and flick of the bic goes out to Jude from Sins of the Flesh, whose intimate knowledge of the Kansai scene keeps us from being a Tokyo-only affair! Speaking of my brother in URLs, Jude will be putting in a special appearance as Despair’s keyboardist on December 30th for Electrock @ Urga. The event is more of a heavy eletro-rock affair, but the chance to be assaulted by toxic industrialists Despair should never be passed up – more so with Jude on keys!

One note with the Calendar section:
You may have noticed the “add me” option in the Calendar section. I am sure you know this, but just remember this is just a heads up for people to see who plans on going where, NOT a booking system. I know you know this, but just in case, I thought I better mention it. If you need to book for any events, just contact your band of choice or the organizer.

Okay, ’nuff talk, onto the events…


December 23 (Friday :: national holiday)
TOKYO 16:00 :: Project Elektra’s Mode @ Wedge, Shimokitazawa

December 24 (Saturday)
TOKYO 23:30 :: Tokyo Dark Castle #15 @ Shibuya Deseo

December 25 (Sunday)
TOKYO 19:00 :: TOKYO VAMPIRE @ Museum Tokyo

December 26 (Monday)
TOKYO 18:00 :: Phantasmagoria in Swastika Nite @ Urga, Shinjuku

December 30 (Friday)
TOKYO 18:00 :: Despair in Electrock Circus @ Urga, Shinjuku
OSAKA 21:00 :: Black Veil 2005 Final Party @ Neo

December 31 (Saturday)
TOKYO 22:00 :: Club Walpurgis @ Aoiheya, Shibuya
TOKYO 22:00 :: Luft Schloss Roppongi Grand Opening

January 4 (Wednesday)
TOKYO Time? :: VENGEANCE for BLOOD Extra 2 @ Ikebukuro Cyber

January 6 (Friday)
OSAKA 19:00:: Subliminal Attack @ Pipe69, Shinsaibashi

January 8 (Sunday)
NAGOYA 21:00 :: Stigmatic @ P.O.D, Sakae

Need more?
If your skyping for some interesting live acts around Tokyo on other dates, you might want to check out Urga in Shinjuku, Chop in Ikebukuro and Area in Takadanobaba.

Project:ELECTRAStraight from Project:ELEKTRA’s resident DJ A04! Read on…

I don’t think anyone thinks of Depeche Mode as ‘Goth,’ but once upon a time, they did have a darker image and a lot of people in the scene still like them (even after Exciter!). In any case…

Project:ELEKTRA’s “MODE”
When: Friday, 23 December 2005 @ 16:00 (national holiday!)
Where: Wedge (Shimokitazawa)
Address: B1-5-18-1 Daizawa Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0032 :: Map
Price: 2,000 yen (2dr)
DJs: Project:ELEKTRA ‘resident’ staff including A04 and more!

We’re still taking requests…

Everything counts in larger amounts…so tell your friends! Check who’s going!


Club WalpurgisCount down to 2006 in dark style at Club Walpurgis! As always the music will include a healthy serving of retro-dark styles including glam, Gothic, industrial, electroclash, postwave and more. There is no dresscode for tonight’s event, but black, glitter, gothique and anything else is more than welcome! Don’t forget your ID!

Club Walpurgis :: Count Down Pagan-Fetish Party
Where: Aoi Heya (7 min. walk from Shibuya station)
Address: B1F, Yachiyo Bldg., 2-12-13 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo :: Map
When: Saturday, 31 December 2005 @ 22:00
Price: 2,500 yen
Live: Zeus Machina
DJs: Zinny Aerodinamica, Nariki, Sato M., Nero
Special Guest: Haruhiko Ash:club Eve the New Church

Check who’s going!

Tokyo Dark CastleThis is it brethren. Turn up to Japan’s biggest live Goth event lest ye die on Xmas day. It is the last Tokyo Dark Castle event to grace Shibuya’s beautiful Deseo club. The night will feature 12 (fantastic) bands, delivering an extended night of Gothic, underground and alternative entertainment. On top of the entertainment on stage, you will be surrounded by the best-dressed, coolest people in Tokyo. Don’t worry if you’re underdressed, just make an effort with what you’ve got and enjoy the night! Just don’t forget your ID!

All the bands should be able to help with booking you in. Pick the one you like most and buzz them with basic information (name, number of people and phone number I think). After getting the booking sorted, you just rock up to Deseo, give your name and the band you booked with at the desk. Easy and if you check with the bands you might find they have goodies for people who book through them (just saw Gadget had a limited CD mentioned on their site – 2cool!). This helps the bands at the end of the night when each band’s scalps are tallied and the take is divvied.

Tokyo Dark Castle Vol. 15 :: Devil’s Xmas
When: Saturday, 24 December 2005 @ 23:30
Where: Shibuya DeSeo (near Shibuya station)
Address: 1F, Dai-2 Okazaki Bldg., Sakuragaoka-Cho, 3-3 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031 :: Map
Price:3,000 yen adv. † 3,500 yen on day
Live: Auto-Mod, Destruct System, Jubilee (Osaka), Agent Murder, Phantasmagoria, Baal, Seirenes (Violet & Selia), Gadget, Euthanasie, Aural Vampire and Cut the Crap.
DJs: Chihiro & Violet.
VJ: Kihito
Note: Must be 18+ (ID checks) – 20+ to drink.

Check who’s going!

I was getting ready to write an exciting post for the first day of, but as I was in final preparations to get the site off the ground, I received some sad news from home.

A good person was laid to rest today. She gave so much to so many people and took so little. I believe that the hope she gave and the love she gave helped us all. I feel sad, but also happy to have known someone like that. There are many good people in this world, but few as good as this person. She was a person who actively supported others. The person who took care of those important things that are often neglected in our busy lives. When all seemed dark, she was there. People like this are so rare and they should be treasured for their pure, giving spirit. I wish I could thank her for all that she did during the tumultuous times. I know there are many others around her who feel the same.

I take with me a lot of good memories of this person and all that she did. So, with a slightly heavy heart I introduce to you

The site is here to introduce the Gothic and alternative music scene in Japan to the global audience. Why? Because there are a lot of good people producing some fantastic sounds deserving of the audience. The mass-produced, oft-touted J-pop has a hold on people’s minds through media saturation, but it is just the meaningless rhythms of a factory machine. The Goths and the alternative rock artists bring their spirits and souls to their music. These people and their craft are deserving of an audience – you.

2005 saw my old site progress from blog to rampant event tabulator. 2006 will take a deeper look at what is going on around the scene and the people who make it work. Many give so much and the direct, obvious rewards are limited. But these artists will create a stronger base and be remembered by those who build on the base for the future.

It was not quite the introduction to the new site I wanted to give, but perhaps fitting. While the J-Pop machine grinds out limited variant on standard themes ringing the tills for profit, there are new groups of people who have come together to touch the heart, mind and soul, and unleash the human within us all.

I hope the bands and their music can reach out to you – I’m sure some will. I hope you get a sense of the emerging diversity in Japan’s post-bubble society – especially from the youth who grew up as the system fell apart. I’m here to take you inside a scene that is often ignored by the stereotype-chasing “big media” and roaming where not many bloggers have been. I give you

Welcome to my world.

Here’s an update from the funky artistes at ArtsyBugs. If you are looking for something relaxed, cool and kinda artsy, then this place comes recommended. You can schmooze or chill. Nice bunch of guys doing something… well artsy, but laid back.

The holiday season is coming up and ArtsyBugs would like to invite you to celebrate their first annual Artsybugs Christmas Party!!!!. The art group, Artsy Bugs will have a big Christmas party at the Pink Cow next Sunday Dec. 11.

Admission is 500 yen admission and any style is ok. If you have a portfolio please bring it and share your work. There’s also a Secret Santa gift exchange, so bring a wrapped present (100-500 yen) – something fun, funny or creative.

Mizore is finally going to get it on with some live music. It will be the first set for Ninth Circle, since Mizore’s escape from Seattle some time ago. Other cool things will be short films from Kazu and Pixel Animation, live music from Achim Lang, Nick Kirk and a special DJ set by Haraguchic. Poetry and slide shows of art and design work from our members and more.

Doors open at 6pm with performances starting from 6:30. Come early for a classic Christmas short animation and don’t forget to bring your portfolio to share.

If you would like to show your art at the Christmas party, please let us know as soon as possible, we have a room for a couple more and it is a great chance to share your creativity and work. Please e-mail at: plastikbarbieATgmxDOTnet for the submission details.

Come out, bring your friends and let’s celebrate the holiday season with Artsy Bugs. Tracey and the Pink Cow crew have promised a great holiday atmosphere with a supply of Seattle beer, good California wine and the usual great Pink Cow food. Hope to see you there!!!!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Artsybugs Team

Further details are here.


Mirage comes back, this time themed with [i]Maniac 80′s music[/i]!! DJs Maya, T.E.2, Nagano and Deco are there to entertain you. There’s a lottery around 1:40 and it looks like you score a little something at the door too!

Full details in events.