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Club D’or is a bitch to find, but Vertige is a nice little DJ’d event from the Danse Macabre people. The place is small (maybe 50 people max), but some might call it homely. Definitely snarkable, but I am not joking about how hard it is to find. Get a real map and remember, it’s off the main street just before the second Family Mart (you can see FM on the opposite side – right). There’s not much to see, but you should see a little red light on the right-hand side of the side street – which is left (then follow the stairs down – spooky huh).

Event Info:
Event: Vertige
Place: Club D’or (10-15 minutes from Ikebukuro)
Address: B1 4-1-1 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo † Flier and Map
Club Phone: 03-5951-3645
Date: Monday September 19, 2005
Start: 17:00
Price: Adv. 1,500 yen † 2,000 yen @ door
DJs: Khimaira, Alice Morticia, Kaine, Satsuki

A late addition for September… But hell, they’re worth it. Cut the Crap blew the house out at Tokyo Dark Castle 14 – especially the bassist! Anyway, a quick hoy for their gig at Club Liner on September 16. Other acts include Bazooka, Unslow and Inchworm.

Event Information:
Event: HEAVY LINER Vol.03
Place: Club Liner @ Koenji
Date: Friday, September 16, 2005
Start: Open 18:00 † Start 18:30
Price: Adv. 1,800 yen † 2,000 yen @ door
Live: Cut the Crap, Bazooka, Unslow and Inchworm

A quick heads up for a late announcement for a pub gig with a cool Goth act in it’s midst… Jet Pepper Tower are a Kobe act offering a fusion of Gothic rock and punk sounds. They will be playing at Club Mercury in Osaka. This seems to be a general pub/club live event. Other bands are J.T. Macregar, Dolphinkick, The Ree-Dee’s and Zorro.

Event Information:
Event: Cold Steel Barrel
Place: Club Mercury, Senba, OSAKA
Date: Saturday, September 17, 2005
Start: Open 17:30 † Start 18:00
Price: Adv. 1,500 † 1,800 @ door
Live: J.T. Macregar, Dolphinkick, The Ree-Dee’s, Zorro and Jet Pepper Tower.

The legendary site for Gaijin Goths in Tokyo was laid to rest at the end of last year and has now entered the ether. Nowhere left to click anymore…

The first serious gaijin Goth site in Japan and possibly the best source of information for anyone wanting to get into the scene ran out of puff at the end of last year when Fred decided to call it quits. He’s still about though (though I haven’t seen him in a long while) and enjoying the scene, but free of the lonely hours of Web-work that go into maintaining and updating stuff. Anyway, the host has recently closed up the domain, so I can’t even point you there anymore – sniff.

Yet another late addition… Teen angst outfit, Zombie Lolita will be hitting Kurawood on the 17th. Are they a kind of Gothic Lolita outfit, idol group, psycho theatrical… or all three? I really don’t know. But they are an interesting enigma on the live scene, and one that shall be investigated when I get some time away from this keyboard… Other acts include Bloody Count (yes, I did misspell that), Nakadashi and others. Details below…

Event Information:
Event: Slash Nation
Place: Asakusa Kurawood, TOKYO
Address: B1F, Bekkoame Asakusa Bldg., 1-3-8, Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0043 † Map
Club phone: 03-5827-1234
Date: Sunday, September 25, 2005
Start: Open 17:30 † Start 18:00
Price: Adv. 1,800 yen † 2,300 (or is it 2,100) yen @ door (drink extra 500 yen)
Live: Zombie Lolita, Bloody Count, Nakadashi, etc.

Hey! Guess what? Another quick addition. This time it’s Panacea 2 from Project Elektra. Not strictly Goth, but they got a Curesque-graphic on the flier. It’s got a New Wave, Goth and Neo Psychedelia going on with with DJs A04 (Project:ELEKTRA), SATO.M (Midnight Mess), Narumi (Never Stop:Echo & The Bunnymen) and Kabe (80s Romance) providing the noise mixes for the evening @ Stella.

Event Info:
Event: Panacea Vol. 2 by Project Elektra
Place: Stella (nr. Taharamachi on Ginza line and Asakusa Station)
Address: B1 Nishi Asakusa Mansion, 2-14-13 Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo † Map
Date: Saturday September 17, 2005
Start: 17:00
Price: 1,500 yen
DJs: A04 (Project:ELEKTRA), SATO.M (Midnight Mess), Narumi (Never Stop:Echo & The Bunnymen) and Kabe (80s Romance)

Another late addition to September… God Speed You is sub-group formed by Jun Suicide of Seaside Suicide – a very cool dark-edged rock-metal outfit who have been around for a while and know their craft well. God Speed You will be performing at Urga on the last night of September along with four other bands. Again, this is a more general (although likely heavy) event, but certainly one worth taking a look at.

Event Information:
Place: Shinjuku URGA
Address: B1, 2-42-16, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo (7 minutes from JR Shinjuku East exit)
Phone: (Shinjuku URGA) 03-5287-3390
Date: Friday, September 30, 2005
Start: Open 18:00 † Start 18:30
Price: Adv. 1,500 yen † 1,800 yen @ door
Live: God Speed You (Seaside Suicide), Orange: Clash, Rosebud Mouth, The Bunnygirl Piss, Woogie Boogie.

A delightful weekend in Tokyo with Gothique and fetish on Saturday and artiste (I’m so gauche!) on Sunday. Why not be stylish, naughty and nice and go to all three! Osaka will just be naughty on Saturday and stylish on Wednesday (14th).

Sat. Sep. 10 @ 16:00 :: BLOOD FOR VENGENCE EXTRA @ Ikebukuro Cyber :: TOKYO
Sat. Sep. 10 @ 24:00 :: MIDNIGHT MESS @ MARZ, Shinjuku :: TOKYO
Sat. Sep. 10 @ 23:00 :: OVERDOSE Fetish Party @ Rockets :: OSAKA
Sun. Sep. 11 @ 18:00 :: ARTSYBUGS @ The Pink Cow, Shibuya :: TOKYO
Wed. Sep. 14 @ 18:00 :: VERY STRANGE NIGHT @ Kobe BACKBEAT :: KOBE

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Castle-master, Genet, took TDC to a new level with the best mix of live Goth-flavorings yet!

Despite the Osakan invasion from Midnight Necropolis, the Goths were out in force @ TDC and they were the best-dressed, most-dressed Goth’s I have seen. The crowd was larger than the last two events and the punters had decked themselves out in costumes you wouldn’t believe… except Igor, who’s really just a nerdy dreg capable of sleeping in a dumpster when required. But I digress.

Execution of tonight’s event was superb. Past TDCs have been great, but TDC 13 was just damned slick. All the sets were nailed tight and the night moved with a feline grace. This level of quality shows TDC as a true international-class underground event that SHOULD NOT BE MISSED. There should be tours for this.

Gaijin invasion
Between the regulars, the irregulars, the new arrivals, and an Australian guy with a very big camera, the foreigners were a major minority @ TDC 13 and the gaijin/local mix looked fantastic. Maybe around 20 or so exquisitely dressed and painted Gothic gaijin were igniting the landscape throughout the night.

There are good bands out there that will never get a night at Tokyo Dark Castle, but TDC is the quality-assurance sticker for Japan’s Goth scene. Any band making it to TDC is worth seeing – not only at TDC, but wherever they play. So, if you’re looking for some J-Goth and not sure where to look then you can’t go wrong with the bands who have done a tour or two of the Castle.

Tonight’s bands were on fire. Hell, they were infernos from start to finish. No flubs, no anarchic over-runs, no worried looks, just plug it in and rip through the f*cking set. It was a Hell Yeah, kind of night folks.

These Osakans were back for revenge after their first blooding in Tokyo saw them stuck in a distinctly non-Goth club event. Taking the first slot Satanyanko let rip from the start. The band has forged itself into a moody, lively punk group who work the stage with aplomb. It was great to see the axes getting it on and lead-kitty Rie-nyan putting out some great femme angst in her vocals.

Auto-Mod with Tamaki Carmilla
Tonight’s set was driven hard like a rivet to the forehead. True veterans of the business, Auto-Mod know their craft and can deliver any night of the week, but tonight they were playing like a band possessed. Great dark rock sounds from the Goth-Daddy and his crew. It’s sad to note that tonight was Tamaki Carmilla’s last performance with the band – her dark femme voice added an extra dimension to the band.

Destruct System
It’s great to finally hear these guys as I’ve heard such good things about them. They had a lot of aggression going from the start and were obviously seasoned performers – very smooth delivery of the hard stuff. I bet they must have been shocked by the foreign gothers madly seeking to buy their CD (selling CDs is usually a very tough part of the business).

Cut the Crap
Igor was too busy socializing outside to catch these guys, but when the other Gaijin came out they were totally fucking pumped. Why? The tiny bassist had blew them to bits. Man, why do I always miss out on the legendary bits? Now, I have just got to get my ass to one of their gigs. More CD hunting could be seen after their set.

Oh, these guys know how to work the crowd during a set. The veteran Glam-gothers from Osaka got going at a nice pace, then cranked it up to another level mid-way through the set. Good sound throughout and the mid-set ignition was great.

Ah, it was time to enjoy the more ambient/classical sounds of Selia. Truly a siren of the night, Selia had all sitting to appreciate a voice that could make you cry…

Unfortunately, my night drew to an early close thanks to a phone call. After a quick exit to take the call, Igor found himself talking to some drunk who had the wrong number. The drunk was looking for his friend, but ended up befriending Igor and scoring himself an impromptu English lesson in the process…. Alas, the wind was taken from my sails, my wings were clipped. It was such a shame as I was looking to catch…

I missed them (DAMN!), but let me just do a short spiel, because they are one hot electro-industrial band with a mad dose of sex appeal. They do a mighty set working a slick delivery style into their sounds and building the energy the whole way through. Definitely worth catching wherever they play. Sorry Andro!

Ah, a lovely night. ‘Twas a pity it was cut short by that most peculiar phone call…

Tokyo Dark Castle #14 :: October 29
This takes place on Halloween and you know what that means?! A Goth parade through the streets of Shibuya before the night kicks off! The event promises to be just as good, or even better than TDC 13 and will be the second last TDC of the year. Check Tokyo Dark Castle.

23 events this month spanning Tokyo, Osaka Kobe and even Kyoto! But not Nagoya…


September 3rd :: Saturday
TOKYO 24:00 :: TOKYO DARK CASTLE @ Deseo, Shibuya
TOKYO 22:00 :: MIDNIGHT NECROPOLIS @ Club Game, Shibuya
OSAKA 21:00 :: SAKINOHAKA @ Saomai (annex of Rockets)

September 4th :: Sunday
TOKYO 14:00 :: 101A, Demons, & more @ Chop, Ikebukuro

September 10th :: Saturday
TOKYO 16:00 :: Blood in BLOOD FOR VENGENCE EXTRA @ Ikebukuro Cyber
TOKYO 24:00 :: MIDNIGHT MESS @ MARZ, Shinjuku
OSAKA 23:00 :: OVERDOSE Fetish Party @ Rockets

September 11th :: Sunday
TOKYO 18:00 :: ARTSYBUGS @ The Pink Cow, Shibuya

September 14th :: Wednesday

September 16th :: Friday
TOKYO 18:00 :: CUT THE CRAP @ Club Liner, Koenji

September 17th :: Saturday
OSAKA 17:30 :: JET PEPPER TOWER @ Club Mercury
TOKYO 17:30 :: Zombie Lolita in SLASH NATION @ Kurawood, Asakusa

September 18th :: Sunday (Monday is a holiday)

September 19th :: Monday (holiday)
TOKYO 17:00 :: 2 Bullet & Aural Vampire in DENNOU MANIACS @ Live Inn Rosa, Ikebukuro
TOKYO 17:00 :: VERTIGE @ Club D’or, Ikebukuro

September 23rd :: Friday
TOKYO 17:30 :: Toge, Toge, Tokagee @ Head Power, Shinjuku
TOKYO 18:00 :: Destruct System in ELECTROCK #13 @ Urga, Shinjuku

September 24th :: Satuday
TOKYO 24:00 :: Despair & Baal in JUNK CHILDREN #1 Slave’s Riot Midnight @ Marz, Shinjuku
TOKYO 24:00 :: WALPURGIS @ Aoi Heya

September 25th :: Sunday
KYOTO ??:00 :: JET PEPPER TOWER @ Takutaku

September 30th Friday
TOKYO 17:30 :: Toge, Toge, Tokagee @ Head Power, Shinjuku
TOKYO 18:00 :: GOD SPEED YOU @ Urga, Shinjuku