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What? You thought everything was hunky dory? Give me a few more days. The board is completely offline, the article submission is hidden (don’t use it if you find it). A few other bits and pieces are indirectly affected, but should roll pretty well. Once I get things fixed, I’ll be onto the Junk Children review and upload a few pixies.

Junk Children :: Slave Midnight Riot was simply a fantastic event. No, it was better than that. It was bitchin’. The bands were great, ripping out some awesome goth-industrial power, DJs well-above par and the friendliest group of Goths I’ve seen in Japan. It was fantastic to meet so many great people and I want to say a big thank you to everyone I met. If you missed JC1, then make sure you get to JC2 (don’t worry, I’ll e-scream it out beforehand). A report shall be out once the site is back online….

Just a quick update while I get the chainsaw out on the problem areas in the database. Tokyo’s a bit light in full-on J-Goth events this week, but there’s a couple of foreign bands (Wednesday 13 and Last Nation) cruising through and Friday night looks pretty hot. Kobe and Osaka are looking good with Phantasmagorium and Brain Awakening Level 3 respectively.

September 28th Wednesday
OSAKA 18:00 :: WEDNESDAY 13 @ Club Quattro

September 29th Thursday
TOKYO 18:00 :: WEDNESDAY 13 @ Tokyo UNIT

September 30th Friday
TOKYO 17:30 :: Toge, Toge, Tokagee @ Head Power, Shinjuku
TOKYO 18:00 :: GOD SPEED YOU @ Urga, Shinjuku

October 1st Saturday
TOKYO 18:00 :: Zombie Lolita @ Club Goodman, Akihabara

October 2nd Sunday
TOKYO 16:30 :: WEDNESDAY 13/DIR EN GREY @ Yokohama Blitz

October 3rd Monday
TOKYO 18:00 :: Last Nation (UK) & Mexico Super @ Shibuya O-Crest

Sorry for the scream out… I like to scream now and again. Book on Friday!! And save enough for a drink and a half.

This weekend is Junk Children’s Slave’s Riot Night and there’s already a few folks from JP Goth going around. If you’re up to it and like the idea of rattling your brain case to some serious industrial then head on down to Marz on Saturday night. Also, if you’re interested in having an extra drink and a half, then pre-book (see below).

Who’s up?
Despair: Truly toxic industrialists who blew people’s minds at Wave Gothik Treffen
BAAL: The yin to Despair’s yang (or is it the other way around?) with violent femme vocals.
Scorpion Death Rock: madass dark metal outfit with a nice pumping stage presence.
Demonoid 13: Special guests from Nagoya letting loose some Toyota rage.
DJs: 666 Fox, Undermine, Doom Spider(from STIGMATIC)
Other stuff: Three deadly drinks exclusive to the night plus some limited give aways like 30 Doom Spider Mix CDs.

Saturday, September 24 from midnight.

Shinjuku Marz (near Shinjuku)
B1F Dai-ichi Tokiwa Bldg., Kabukicho 2-45-1, Shinjuku

How much?
2,700 yen adv. / 3,500 @ door (includes original badge)

Pre-booking info.
You can send off an email to one of the bands with your name, and number of tickets. Make sure you whip the request off on Friday. Don’t worry if it’s just you, you’ll find at least half a dozenlike-minded foreign folk there including the Web slave. Can only find the Despair and BAAL contacts, but both should be cool with English requests.

Despair booking

BAAL booking
* Bonus – score a limited edition remix CD if you book with BAAL.

Back from Expo and ready to Goth. Saturday sees retro-Goth Walpurgis and next-generation industrial Slave’s Riot Midnight riding through the night. Igor’s going to be riding with the slaves, but either way you choose, it will be good.

Fri. Sep 23 @ 17:30 Toge, Toge, Tokagee @ Head Power, Shinjuku :: TOKYO
Fri. Sep 23 @ 18:00 :: Destruct System in ELECTROCK #13 @ Urga, Shinjuku :: TOKYO
Sat. Sep 24 @ 24:00 :: Despair & Baal in JUNK CHILDREN #1 Slave’s Riot Midnight @ Marz, Shinjuku :: TOKYO
Sat. Sep 24 @ 24:00 WALPURGIS @ Aoi Heya :: TOKYO
Sat. Sep. 25 :: JET PEPPER TOWER @ Takutaku :: KYOTO
More :: September Events

Meet the next generation of extreme industrial!

Junk Children’s inaugural riot is definitely Igor’s top pick of the month – pipping even TDC #13 (and that did rock this month). Slave’s Riot Midnight has four hot live acts, plus three DJs who will be leading us all astray!

Live acts include post-apocalyptic industrialists Despair (these guys blew people’s minds at Wave Gotik Treffen!), young hard industrialists, BAAL (formerly Chronotrigger featuring violent femme scream vocals), skull-vibrating metallers Scorpion’s Death Rock, and a special guest attack from Demonoid 13! DJs include dark electro and cyber noise from DJ 666FOX, tech-punk, alternative industrial from DJ Undermine, plus Stigmatic’s DJ Doom Spider.

Aside from this carefully orchestrated mayhem, there are fatal overdose drinks, specially crafted concoctions for Junk Children, plus a limited DJ Doom Spider Mix CD (first 30 people at the event) and more!

Event info:
Event: Junk Children #1 -Slave’s Riot Midnight
Place: Shinjuku Marz (near Shinjuku)
Address: B1F Dai-ichi Tokiwa Bldg., Kabukicho 2-45-1, Shinjuku † Map
Date: Saturday August 6, 2005
Tix: Tokyo/Gold 03-5389-7160 (Staff: Snoopy) † or send a message to one of the bands (usually giving name, phone and number of tix is enough)
Date: Saturday, September 24, 2005
Start: 24:00~morning
Price: 2,700 yen adv. † 3,500 @ door (includes original badge)
Live: Despair, BAAL (ex. Cronotrigger), Scorpion’s Death Rock
Special Guest: Demonoid 13 (from Nagoya)
DJs: 666 Fox, Undermine, Doom Spider(from STIGMATIC)
Psycho Gear Films: Mixed by Hybrid Chainsaw Ltd.
Fatal Overdose Drinks: Deathly Drink for This Event Only (3 Types)!

Zeus Machina brings you Walpurgis Chapter 2 :: Vampire Celebrity. The origins of the event stretch back to the early 1980s:

The legendary Gothic Punk Club, Club Walpurgis opened in Shinjuku in 1982. ZIN was the main organizer. Soon, this club became quite popular among people such as musicians, photographers and artists. Overseas musicians & artists like The Cult, Nick Cave, John Sex, Kurtis Knap visited the club.

Dress code is the same as the first: vampire, Gothic, zombie, transvestite and glam. Price is 500 yen more @ 2,500 yen (1 drink included).

Event Info:
Event: Club Walpurgis † Vampire Celebrity
Place: Aoi Heya (7 min. walk from Shibuya station)
Address: B1F, Yachiyo Bldg., 2-12-13 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo † Map
Club Phone: 03-3407-3564
Date: Saturday, September 24, 2004
Start: 24:00 ~ 05:00
Price: 2,500 yen (includes 1 drink)
Live: TBA
DJs: Zinny Aerodinamica (ZIN/ZEUS MACHINA, ROMEO MIRROR), Nariki, Sato M., Nero (Darkside Mirrors).

Gobshite! I forgot to tell you fine folks about Electrock Circus since JP Goth v.1. Well, here it is. General electro might be skimming the surface of what may be called Goth, but these guys score some great hard-edged acts and any event whose fliers consist of evil clowns and gimps has got to be interesting.

The eye-catcher of #13 has got to be Destruct System, a band I have heard good things about for a long time and I found out why @ Tokyo Dark Castle #13 (they freaking rocked). Other bands include Custom Mummy, Japanese Babies, Mute, Ruin Close Reptile and one more. DJ/VJ plus a performance by Yukinko Akira.

Event Information:
Event: Electrock Circus #13
Place: Shinjuku URGA
Address: B1, 2-42-16, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo (7 minutes from JR Shinjuku East exit)
Phone: (Shinjuku URGA) 03-5287-3390
Date: Friday, September 23, 2005
Start: Open 18:00 † Start 18:30
Price: Adv. 1,600 yen † 1,800 yen @ door
Live: Japanese Babies, Destruct System, Custom Mummy, Mute, Ruin Close Reptile and one more
DJ: Morita
VJ: tba.
Performance: Yukinko Akira

Another quick quick heads up for a pub gig including some Goth rock and punk sounds from Jet Pepper Tower

JPT will be playing at Kyoto’s Takutaku in a pub/club gig called Body Divided (?). Other bands include Destiny and Really Nuts. Destiny looks like they got some dark leanings (though I couldn’t find any samples), while Really Nuts has quite listenable J-pop/rock tunes. Just leave the corsets at home and enjoy the night ;-) .

Event Information:
Event: Body Divided (?)
Place: Takutaku, KYOTO
Date: Sunday, September 25, 2005
Start: Check
Price: Check
Live: Jet Pepper Tower, Destiny and Really Nuts

One of the more lifestyle-Goth events in Japan. The event takes place in twin-level space of Shinjuku Head Power.

The top floor offers diverse array of live acts, while the labyrinthine lower floor consists of a bar, exhibition spaces and some nifty craft shoppes. The ceiling’s low on the bottom floor so watch your head!

The organizer, Daybook’s Taroo, has done quite a bit of interesting stuff including a compilation CD, late-night Web TV (check Here on Thursdays and Fridays between 11 p.m. and midnight), working with a few underground bands amongst other things. Definitely worth checking out on an early Friday eve.
Event info:
Event: Toge, Toge, Tokagee from Daybook
Place: Shinjuku Head power
Address: B1, 1-34-13 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 166-0002
Club Phone: 03-3354-7727
Date: Friday, September 23, 2005
Start: 17:30 open † 18:00 start
Price: 2,000 yen adv. † 2,300 yen @ door
Live: VibGyor, Zeusa, Shingguapoura, Kreuz Schwert and Mandragora.
Exhibitions: Alice, A.C., Neo Blade, D, Alraune

Tactical update :: 2 Bullet HQ with new song and showing or taking video ::

This Monday holiday enjoy some hot tactical industrial from 2 Bullet and a great grock & femme Goth mix from Aural Vampire.

Both bands invade the Dennou Maniacs event, and you will be treated to more sounds from Plumsonic, Super BossM10, Far East Eclipse, DoThankANull, Denmani Girls, plus DJs Sin, Mappy and VJs Tip and Run. The name Dennou means electronic brain or something like that, so if you want to be a digitally-minded maniac, it’s definitely worth snicking over to Live Inn Rosa for a snark.

Event info:
Event: Retro & Future Dennou Maniacs Vol. 21 by Artism
Place: Live Inn Rosa (near Ikebukuro)
Address: B2F Rosa Hall, 1-37-12 Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0021
Club Phone: 03-5956-3463
Date: Monday, September 19, 2005
Start: 17:00 open † 17:30 start
Price: 1,800 yen adv. with flyer/ 2,000 yen @ door
Live: 2 Bullet, Aural Vampire, Plumsonic, Super BossM10, Far East Eclipse, DoThankANull, DenMani Girls, CherryBerry and others.
DJ: Sin, Mappy
VJ: Tip and Run

Web site: