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Nagoyans! You know how hard it is to Goth in that fair city!! But now is the chance to break out the leather, vinyl, lace, silver, steel and anything else you can find, because Stigmatic is gonna deliver you to the oasis of the dark with their 4th Anniversay night! To top it off, up to 30 people booking beforehand will receive a special mix CD!

Event info:
Event: Stigmatic
Place: Nagoya † P.o.d
Address: 4F Voice Bldg., 1-23-1 Izumi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya † Map
Club Phone: 052-953-0393
Date: Saturday, July 30, 2005
Start: 21:00 ~ next morning
Price: 2,500 adv. † 3,000 @ door (include 1 drink)
DJs: Doom Spider, Sister Levi, riz-K
Web site:

Sisters Grim, Vexation, are set to release their full CD On July 27. Featuring 11 songs the CD will be available for 3,000 yen. I don’t have much information on the CD, but the ladies have a really nice classical-styled sound and some nifty narration that should relax the beast within – their live performance got everyone sitting down like little kids @ Tokyo Dark Castle, which ain’t no mean feat!

Agent Murder’s Adultery event report is now up! ‘Twas a fun night with its share of dark stylings, such as 2 Bullet’s awesome machine-gun-industrial attack, but also some tongue-in-cheek playfulness during the night!

Note :: Event list is full until August 8th!

The operative word for Agent Murder’s Adultery, was FUN! It showed a lighter side to Awi, whom I had previously seen at pure Goth events, like Tokyo Dark Castle (see TDC12 Report) and another much darker show earlier this year. It was a night for appreciators of good, live performances to get together and enjoy.

Urga Space
Firstly, let me just say that the Club Urga has a nice, well-laid out space. The club is relatively easy to find and one simply descends the stairs to the club. The bar and obligatory sales tables are nicely tucked into the entrance alcove allowing a comfortable capacity in the main area of 80-90 people. The amps’ sound quality seems to be much better than some places I’ve been to. Yep, definitely a nice space.

The space was filled to a pleasant 75-85 people. Most were female and they certainly were into the live experience. They were here to see their bands of choice and also listen to the other acts during the night. The bands seemed to enjoy an even pull of fans so you could always see 20-30 people right in front of the stage getting into the music of the moment.

I must admit that I didn’t catch much of Mamono’s set, but they seemed to be getting it on with the crowd. The first thing I noticed was this freaking inflatable shark being thrust into the audience. It was two meters long and the band was having a loverly shark play with the audience as it bounced back and forth during the closing stages of their set. From the two minutes that I heard them, I could sense a nice J-Rock sound and was impressed to see they had a full band, including a real drummer! I had some positive vibes about these guys and am sorry I did not haul ass to the event sooner – sorry guys!

2 Bullet
Oh YES! This band is HOT! 2 Bullet churned out military-industrial sounds that just kicked! Agent Murder’s ax-man, Dee Lee, also does the ax-work for this outfit, and what fine work he does too! A funky mix of keyboards and hard guitar, along with impressive vocals with some cutting lyrics to boot. I think they won a lot of fans that night, including Igor. Was Igor excited? Yes, very damned excited! I picked up their CD soon after their set, which is great value – featuring 50 minutes for just 1,500 yen. I fully recommend catching them on September 19, when they’ll be playing with Aural Vampire @ Live Inn Rosa (I’ll post that later).

Well, I didn’t go up to the front for this, but Motoki (or Maki?) had his fans eating out of his hands. It seems he has quite a reputation for his shows. It was a playful set as one man (in a three-piece white suit) and his guitar entertained and interacted with the audience. It was quite amazing hearing the calls of “Maki! Maki!” throughout the second half of the set! Not Goth, dark or industrial, but entertaining and a polished performance.

Agent Murder
Ah, Awi and the boys were having fun tonight. I’ve always enjoyed Agent Murder’s sets and this was no exception. The amps @ Urga brought out the vocals (grocks and screams) really well tonight very crisp sounds indeed. The performance was tempered a bit to appeal to the varied audience base, but that didn’t reduce the entertainment value for dark followers like Igor. A very solid performance plus some really neat spot-work ensured everyone had a good time and enjoyed their introduction to Awi’s style of Goth.

Taiheiyou Belt
A nice pop-visual performance. While the recorded music played in the background, the performers got into their vocals up front. They had jaunty sailor costumes and were unabashedly enjoying their time on stage. Igor was slooking around the back during this set, but it was plain to see that this trio could warm the audience’s cockles for a nice night out.

Special Session
Oh, it was special, very special, but in a way that you wouldn’t expect. I could tell you (hell, I got pictures!), but the dark-walkers will chase after me with rivet guns if I ever revealed the truth…

Final Comment
It wasn’t the kind of event I was expecting, but it was a very enjoyable night and had a lot going for it. Essentially, it was about bringing together a range of good acts and their fans together so we could all get a taste of some different sounds. Like Genet’s Jail League series, it was taking the live Goth scene to a broader audience. Genet’s metal nights bring in more guys. Awi’s mix brings in more girls. In both cases the quality of the acts were good so anyone, regardless of the band(s) they came to see, would enjoy the entire night and might find a new sound they want to follow deeper. From the dark-walker perspective, this is the kind of show that helps introduce people to bands in the Goth scene and hopefully pull them into the dark scene proper.


Igor enjoyed the night and the acts. While not all the acts were my cup of tea, I’ll definitely continue to follow Agent Murder and have become an instant follower of 2 Bullet. I also want to see Mamono again to catch their full set and find out what the deal is with that freaking blow-up shark!

Danse Macabre has its first anniversary on July 23rd @ Club Cube. They offer a lot of Goth-friendly sounds such as Gothic death rock, electro Gothic, dark electro and dark wave industrial – very nice. Dress code seems to be strict (no casual or street clothes), but you have a lot of options to choose from tough with goth, batcave, medival, vampire, witch (including Wiccan or Pagan), rubber, vinyl, medical, cutting edge, etc. Igor has never been refused for an event in basic functional black, but there is always a first time!

Event Info:
Event: Danse Macabre 1st Anniversary
Place: Club Cube, Shibuya
B1F Chuo-Iikura Bldg., 3-4-1 Azabudai, Minatoku, Tokyo 106-0041 † Map
Club Phone: 03-3589-0933
Email contact: Danse Macabre contact page
Date: Saturday, July 23, 2004
Start: 22:00 ~ next morning!
Price: 2,500 (1D) advance † 3,000 (1D) @ door
DJs: Psycho Motor, Khimaira, Alice Morticia, Kaine, Satsuki
Web site:
Club site:

The horned grocker, Pineal, has one helluva sexy performance. Plying his theatrical talents with some great sounds (especially the guitarist who will blow you away), Pineal will give you something special – check Igor’s Pineal report. This time it will be G(Godsend) @ the very well appointed Club Chop in Ikebukuro. Other players this night include About Tess, Chuugakusei Kan-oke (Junior High School Student Coffin), Gusya Ningen (The Fool?). I haven’t heard the other bands before, but Pineal is always worth a snark.

On a side note, Club Chop has been attracting quite a few interesting dark bands of late so is one place to keep an eye on for cool live shows.

Event info:
Event: G(Godsend)
Place: Club Chop in Ikebukuro
Address: B1, Shema 100, 2-46-3 Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 171-0014 † Map
Club phone: 03-5951-1127
Date: Friday, July 22, 2005
Start: Open 18:00 † Start 18:30
Price: 2,000 yen advance † 2,200 yen @ door
Live: Pineal, About Tess, Chuugakusei Kan-oke (Junior High School Student Coffin), Gusya Ningen (The Fool?)
Club page:

Wow, two Toge, Toge, Tokagee events in July! The second show will take place on July 22 @ Shinjuku Head Power. They always come up with cool, new designs for their fliers and this one is no exception (front and back)! Oh, Igor’s mind wonders… The event is organized by Daybook, the group that brought you the Android 666 series last year, and have released a a really great compilation CD, Specimen, giving a taste of bands doing the darker scene in Japan. Well worth getting around for a snark. If you go, tell Taroo (the organizer), that Igor sent you – he’ll be chuffed! I’m thinking about shuffling along to this one.

Event info:
Event: Toge, Toge, Tokagee from Daybook
Place: Shinjuku Headpower (probably)
Address: B1, 1-34-13 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 166-0002
Club Phone: 03-3354-7727
Date: Friday, July 22, 2005
Start: 17:30 open † 18:00 start
Price: 2,000 yen adv. † 2,300 yen @ door
Live: Emma, Bergerac, Shingguapoura, haze gate, Drastic Mind, AQUWICKS and more!
Exhibitions: Black Garden/Kuroi Niwa, Deviant Behaviour, Alice, KTR, Favril Hearz and others.
DJ: Wakana
Web site:
Club site:

Just a quickie to let you know that Jubilee will take you on a neo-glam/psychedelic ride at Namba Rockets in Osaka on July 21. This is part of the week-long celebrations for Rockets’ 15th Anniversary (conga-rats!). Other acts include GlamourDesign, Hysteric, Dual, Barrett (spelling?) and Adolf (Tokyo).

Event info:
Event: Psychic Circuit
Place: Osaka Namba Rockets
Address: Namba Pier 6025, 2-8-31 Namba-naka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, 556-0011 † Map
Club Phone: 06-6649-3919
Date: Thursday, July 21, 2005
Start: Open 17:00 † Start 17:30
Price: 1,800 yen adv. † 2,300 yen @ door (drinks seperate)
Live: Jubilee, GlamourDesign, Hysteric, Dual, Barrett (spelling?) and Adolf (Tokyo).
Club page:

Night crawlers rejoice! July is YOUR MONTH! There are eight events this week alone including a special edition of Black Veil with Das Ich in Osaka and Torture Garden Japan’s Summer Ball in Tokyo. Igor has tix for Agent Murder’s Adultery evening, which includes a secret guest or two on top of the announced bands. AWI! AWI! AWI!

Torture Garden will be holding it’s Summer Ball @ Space Lab Yellow on the 17th of July. What’s Torture Garden? Well I’m glad you asked. Torture Garden (the original in UK) is the world’s largest fetish club pulling in anywhere from 800 to 2500 people monthly around the London area. The Japan event, while not pulling quite that many people, looks to be a pretty big event itself with more DJs and live performances than you can shake a riding crop at.

First up, dress code. The flier very clearly states No casual street clothes so you have got to be dressed for the occasion. You even save 1,000 yen in dress code – rubber, fetish, SM, medical, oriental, uniform, fantasy cyber, drag, body art, glamour theatrical, leather, etc. That’s a big selection indeed. Second, you must be over 20 and have photo ID. Right? Good.

The night includes six DJs spread on two floors, an erotic dance performance, fire and fetish performances, a fashion show of major UK rubber/fetish brands, visual art and a Dungeon Master (guess they’re not talking about Dungeons & Dragons here).

More importantly, they’ve also got the ultra-industrial Despair, who will drown you in an orgy of sound and you will love it! Check Igor’s TDC 12 report for more about these guys. There will also be a performance form gothic-lolita performers, Kokushoku Sumiru (Black Violet).

This looks like a nicely balanced event for your tastes, takes place in the trendy Yellow and there was lots of English on the flier (always a good sign my gaijin friends).

Event Info:
Event: Torture Garden Summer Ball
Place: Space Lab Yellow
Address: B1, B2F Cesaurus Nishi-Azabu, 1-10-11 Nishi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 150-0061 † Map
Club phone: 03-3479-0690
Date: Sunday, July 17, 2005 (Monday’s a public holiday)
Start: 22:00
Price: 4,000 yen 1D † Dress Code 3,000 yen
Note: No casual clothes, must be 20 or over with ID.
DJs: Sota.S (TG Japan), Ting, Kanami, Stealth (TG Japan), David TG (TG UK), and Kuri (TG Japan).
Performers: Esme (UK), Fetish Circus Kermesse (Japan), CoCo (Japan), and Amrita (Japan).
Bands: Despair and Kokushoku Sumiru (Black Violet).
Special Fashion Show: UK Top Rubber Brand 2005 Collection.
More: Dungeon Master Tanaka (TG Japan), and art from David TG (TG UK).
Event Page:
Club Page: